Parking Regulations

Academic Year 2013-2014

Effective July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Parking Registration
  3. Permit Options
    1. Thirty or more credit and Graduate Commuter Students
    2. Twenty-nine or more credit and Graduate Resident Students
    3. Twenty-nine or less credit Resident Students
    4. Full-time University employeesand/or Adjunct Faculty Members
    5. Part-time Staff
    6. Other Permit Types
    7. Parking Decks
    8. Floyd Hall Arena Parking Lots and Yogi Berra Field
  4. Parking for Persons with Disabilities
    1. Disability Placard Registration
    2. Where to Park—Visitors with Disabilities
  5. Special Events, Visitor Parking, and Other Important Parking Procedures
    1. Visitor Parking on Campus
    2. Special Events
  6. Violations, Fines, and Appeals
    1. Violations
    2. Notification of Citations and Collection Procedures
    3. Citation Appeals
    4. Booting Procedures
    5. Towing Procedures
    6. Other Rules
  7. Loading Zones
  8. Operation Snow Clear
  9. Shuttle Bus Services

I. Introduction

Montclair State University Parking Services is pleased to provide you with the Montclair State University Parking Regulations for 2013-14. We ask that you read this document thoroughly as it is your guide to parking options at Montclair State University.

By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with and abide by this document. This document is subject to updates throughout the academic year.

Similarly, please take note of any emails sent to your MSU email account related to parking information, updates or changes from Parking Services will also be posted under the News and Announcements section of our homepage.

In 1994, the Legislature adopted a law that created a Board of Trustees for each state college and delegated to it the authority to supervise and govern the college or university. One of the specific powers delegated to the Board is to determine policies for the administration of the university and promulgate rules, regulations and orders necessary for the operation of the university. See, N.J.S.A. 18A:64-6.c and m.  Consistent with those powers, MSU's Board authorized the adoption of parking regulations in 1978, and revisions thereto in 1981 and 1984, that govern the regulation of parking on campus including the issuance of citations and the collection of fines.

Parking Services’ primary jurisdiction is the enforcement of these parking regulations in and on the parking lots, garages, and center core of the MSU campus – as well as off-site properties/facilities rented or owned by the University – along with a concurrent responsibility for the on-campus streets and walkways with the University Police Department. These parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Parking Services is the only department that may exempt any aspect of these parking regulations.

"Park or parking" for the purpose of these regulations shall mean the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers unless otherwise prohibited by these regulations or signage. Activating a vehicle’s hazard lights at no time exempts the vehicle from these parking regulations.  

Beginning July 1, 2013, Parking Services will begin to utilize virtual permits. A virtual permit is attached to a vehicle by the vehicle's license plate number (the permit may apply to any registered vehicle with only one vehicle parking on campus at any given time.). All classes of permits, except Commuter and Resident permits, will be virtual. Commuter and Resident permits will be a hangtag for the 2013-2014 year and are planned to be virtual for 2014-2015.

Unless the vehicle will be parked only in the Red Hawk Deck or metered campus spaces, all students, employees, and guests are required to have a parking permit for any vehicle that they park on campus. A vehicle, for the definition of requiring a permit, are those required to be registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  Permits allow the authorized holder to park in lots designated by the type of permit issued. A permit does not provide assurance of a parking space at any given time or location. In addition, parking lots or decks are subject to closure for special events or construction without additional compensation. 

Parking Services is dedicated to working continuously to improve the quality of the services we provide. We encourage members of the campus community to provide us with feedback so we may honor our commitment to you. Kindly e-mail us with your comments and ideas on how we may better serve you, at:

Location, Contact Information & Office Hours

Location: The Parking Services Office is on Level 1 of the Red Hawk Parking Deck.

Parking Phone: 973-655-7580 | Fax: 973-655-7582 | Email:

Academic Year Hours: 
Monday & Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. | Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm | Sunday 8:30am to 4:30pm (No sales, Customer Service Only)

Extended Hours during Peak Academic Times: Parking Services understands that additional hours allow community members the needed time to conduct business especially during the months of August, September and/or January and February. These hours will be communicated through email and on the Parking Services website.

Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 to 5:15pm 

Parking Map‌ | Campus Map (provides directions between two points on campus)

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II. Registration

All students are required to display a valid parking permit for any vehicle that they park on campus.  All faculty and staff are required to have a virtual permit attached to their vehicle. Permits allow the authorized holder to park ONE VEHICLE in lots designated by the type of permit issued. A permit does not provide assurance of a parking space at any given time or location.

It is imperative that all vehicles brought to campus are registered with the Parking Office prior to parking on campus. Failing to register a vehicle will result in a $50.00 fine, as well as a parking immobilization device attached to the unregistered vehicle. Further investigation of this fine will happen at the Parking Office. The Parking Office only accepts vehicle registration that belongs to the owner of the vehicle or a parent of a student as proof that a permit has not been stolen or fraudulent.

Registration should be completed online, as a convenience fee may be applied to transactions handled in the office. An active MSU NetID is required to access the website. Please allow ten business days for the arrival of your permit if purchased online. If an incorrect address is given for shipping of a permit, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of a new permit. We encourage all members of the campus community to purchase their permit online as in-office purchases may have a convenience fee added. 

All permits must be re-issued at the start of each new academic year and they remain the property of Montclair State University. Please be reminded that students and employees will not be permitted to register for parking until all outstanding fines are paid in full. Holds are placed on student accounts to ensure payment of outstanding fines or fees, and all outstanding fines are referred to a third-party collections agency 65 days after issuance.

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III. Permit Options

Announcements regarding permit registration dates will be made available to the campus community via the News and Announcements section of our homepage and will also be sent out via campus email.

Eligible customers are only allowed to have one permit assigned to them.  Parking Services receives status information for students from the Registrar’s office and, from the Human Resources Office for employees.  Parking Service staff is not allowed to change this status without the direct authorization from the Director of Parking Services.

Parking permits are the property of Montclair State University and are issued to a specific individual (one permit per person). Ownership is not transferable. Giving or selling your parking permit to someone else will result in revocation of parking privileges. Any member of the campus community who is found providing their permit to another member, producing illegal copies of permits, or is in possession of a stolen or illegally produced permit will be assessed a $400.00 fine and the issue will be forwarded to the Dean of Students and the University Police Department.

Once purchased, hangtag permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle registered to the permit. The color and letters of the permit should be facing out so that enforcement officers can make sure the permit is valid. Permit holders are urged to protect their permits from theft by locking their vehicles, and to remove them from their mirror before driving. New Jersey law and these Parking Regulations prohibit the covering with any type of material the original license plate of a vehicle. Violators may have their vehicle cited and immobilized.

Parking Services is not responsible for lost or stolen permits, provides no refunds, reserves the right to refuse to reissue a permit in the case of misuse, and will impose the appropriate 100% fee of the prorated price.

All refunds will be charged a $15 administrative fee. After the second week of the semester, permit refunds will be prorated by month, and no refunds will be made after February 1st of the next year.   All outstanding parking fines with Parking Services must be paid in full prior to refund issuance. Proper identification must be provided in order to receive a refund, and all refunds will be made by company check which may take 4-6 weeks for receipt.

A. Thirty or more credit, and Graduate Commuter Students

  1. Commuter Parking Permit - Allows parking in all general (yellow) surface parking lots and the CarParc Diem Deck from 6:00am to 2:00am seven days a week. The CarParc Diem Deck will be closed after 2:00am seven days a week for daily maintenance. All vehicles must vacate the deck by 2:00am.
  2. Red Hawk Deck Permit - Allows parking in in the Red Hawk Deck only with no time restrictions. Please note that this permit is limited in number and only available to students with 30 or more credits and graduate students. 
  3. Short Term Parking in the Red Hawk Deck or Metered Spaces paying the appropriate short-term charges at the time of use.
  4. For Commuters interestedin purchasing an Evening Permit, please see the Other Permit Types section.

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B. Thirty or more credit, and Graduate Resident Students

  1. Resident Surface Parking Permit - Allows parking in restricted resident student (green) surface parking lots, any commuter general (yellow) surface lots on weeknights 4:30pm to 7:30am, Friday at 4:30 pm until 7:30 am Monday and CarParc Diem from Friday 4:30pm until 11:59pm Sunday only. Overnight parking is prohibited in CarParc Diem on weekday nights (with the exception of Friday).
  2. Red Hawk Deck Permit - Allows you to park at any time in the Red Hawk Deck only.
  3. Short Term Parking in the Red Hawk Deck or Metered Spaces paying the appropriate short-term charges at the time of use.

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C. Twenty-Nine or less credit Resident Students

There are currently no permits allocated to resident students with 29 or less units with the exception of Weekend Daily Permits. To apply for a parking exception, please fill out a Parking Exception Request. A car sharing program (ZipCar) is available and information can be found at

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D. Full-time University employees and/or Adjunct Faculty (Virtual Permits)

  1. Surface Lot Parking Permit - Allows parking in all restricted (orange) employee surface parking lots and all general (yellow) surface parking lots with the exception of CarParc Diem.
  2. Red Hawk Deck Permit - Allows parking at any time in the Red Hawk Deck. Please note that the number of Red Hawk Deck permits is limited.
  3. Short Term Parking in the Red Hawk Deck or Metered Spaces paying the appropriate short-term charges at the time of use.

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E. Part-time Staff (Virtual Permits)

  1. Part-time Staff Surface Lot Permit - Allows parking in all general (yellow) surface parking lots and CarParc Diem between 6:00am-2:00am, and all restricted (orange) employee surface lots after 3:30pm through 6:00am Monday-Thursday, and 3:30pm Friday through 7:00am Monday.
  2. Red Hawk Deck Permit - Allows parking at any time in the Red Hawk Deck. Please note that the number of Red Hawk Deck permits is limited.
  3. Short Term Parking in the Red Hawk Deck or Metered Spaces paying the appropriate short-term charges at the time of use.

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F. Other Permit Types

  1. Evening Permits (Virtual Permits) – Evening Permits are available to Commuter students who park between 4:30pm and 2:00am on the weekdays and weekends 6:00am-2:00am. To obtain an Evening Permit you may purchase it online or visit us in office. The Evening permit is a Commuter permit and is eligible to park in General (yellow) surface lot areas, including the CarParc Diem Parking Deck. All vehicles must vacate the CarParc Diem Parking Deck by 2:00am daily
  2. Motorcycle Permits (Virtual Permits) - Motorcycle Permits are available to employees, students with 30 or more credits, and graduate commuter students. To obtain a motorcycle permit, you must purchase it in the Parking Services office.
  3. Contract Employee Permits (Virtual Permits) - A Contract Employee Permit allows parking in all general (yellow) surface parking lots.
  4. Summer Parking Permits (Virtual Permits) – Persons who wish to purchase a parking permit for the summer months should do so online. Summer permits are valid for use in all general (yellow) lots, residential (green) lots, and the CarParc Diem Deck beginning on May 1st through August 31st. This does not include parking in Resident-Heights (pink) surface lot 22. Overnight parking is permitted in surface lots only, vehicles parked in CarParc Diem between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am will be ticketed. 
  5. Service Vehicle Permits (Virtual Permits) - All MSU-owned vehicles are required to park in Service Vehicle Spaces. If one’s personal vehicle is believed to be needed as a service vehicle on campus, the Director, Dean, etc. of that department must verify that need. Departmental vehicles can also be assigned a Service Vehicle permit. This permit allows the user to park in an SV space for a maximum of 90 minutes. Additional time may be requested by calling the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck on a per-use basis.
  6. Off-Peak Weekend Permits (Virtual Permits) – Students and visitors who wish to park during off-peak hours (4:30pm-7:30am Monday-Thursday and 4:30 pm Friday through midnight Sunday) may purchase a permit from Pay by Phone for $1 per hour (plus an additional convenience fee) This permit is valid in any Residential Lot or General Parking lot.
  7. Alumni Permits - Alumni who desire to park on campus may purchase an Alumni Permit. This permit allows parking in any Commuter Lot between 6:00am-2:00am and Lot 20A (non-metered spaces) from 5:30am-7:30am.
  8. Emeritus  Permits – Faculty that have attained the rank of emeritus are eligible for the same parking privileges as full-time faculty and staff.  The faculty member needs to present a copy of the status award letter to Parking Services to have their parking account updated.  
  9. Reserved Parking Permits - provide access to reserved spaces for specific University needs and are issued to departments or University Administrators as approved by Parking Services. Reserved Parking Permits are priced at a premium and are to be renewed annually.

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G.  Parking Decks

  1. CarParc Diem Deck

The CarParc Diem Deck is located on Yogi Berra Drive across from the Dinallo Heights Residence Halls.   

Commuter students may utilize the CarParc Diem Deck with their assigned general (yellow) commuter hang tag. This permit does not guarantee a space in CarParc Diem and in the event the garage is full, general (yellow) commuter surface parking lots are also accessible for parking between 6:00 am and 2:00 am daily. CarParc Diem is closed to all vehicles from 2:00 am until 6:00 am daily. 

The facility will be enforced 24 hours a day to ensure the parking privileges of all permit holders.

Note: Buying a permit for one Deck does not grant access to the other; the Red Hawk Deck and CarParc Diem passes are each exclusive to that particular facility.

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  1. Red Hawk Deck

Red Hawk Deck permits are available to contract employees, employees, graduate students, commuter and resident students with more than 30 credits.  

This permit entitles the holder to parking privileges in the deck at all times when the deck is open for public use. The permit does not provide a reserved parking space; however, sufficient parking spaces will be made available to accommodate the number of annual permits that are sold. There are no refunds for the times that the deck is closed for special events.

Note: Buying a permit for one Deck does not grant access to the other; the Red Hawk and CarParc Diem permits are each exclusive to that particular facility.

With the purchase of an annual permit, customers will register their vehicle's license plate numbers in their online parking account. The license plate number replaces the RFID chipped permit.

Due to the limited availability, the following process for the purchase of a Red Hawk Deck permit will be followed:

  1. Red Hawk Deck Permits are sold on an annual basis and are valid from September 1 through August 31 of the next year.  The renewal period will begin in early July and continue to July 31st. 
  2. Current permit owners will be allowed the opportunity to renew their Red Hawk Deck Permit before sales are opened to the customers on the waiting list.
    1. Established customers will be able to go online during this time period and indicate if they desire to renew their permit for the upcoming year.  Customers who do not indicate their wish to renew will be removed from the active permit list and their Red Hawk Deck Permit will expire at midnight August 31st.
    2. Faculty and Staff may pay for their permit with check, cash, or credit card, or, if eligible, by payroll deduction.
    3. Students must pay for the entire year upfront at the published rates using cash, check, Red Hawk Dollars, or a major credit card.
  3. Once the renewal period has ended on July 31st, Parking Services will determine the number of Red Hawk Deck Permits eligible for sale.
    1. Once the number of open permits is determined, Parking Services will check the appropriate waiting list.
    2. Parking Services will email a Permit Award Letter to the customer(s) next on the list to purchase the permit. 
      1. The customer(s) will have 48 hours to contact Parking Services at the email or phone number listed in the award letter to indicate their desire to purchase the available permit.
      2. If the customer fails to respond to the award letter in 48 hours from issuance, Parking Services will go to the next customer(s) in line and repeat the process until all available permits are sold.
  4. On occasion, customers who are on payroll deduction may request to have their payments temporarily stopped for personal reasons. i.e. sabbaticals or personal leave. 
    1. Customers may be eligible for payment stoppage for periods of up to 150-days (no more than one semester) in a single permit year (September 1 through August 31).  Requests are to made by email. If the customer is eligible for the stoppage, the request must be approved by the Director of Parking Services.
      1. The customers permit will be deactivated during the payment stoppage.
    2. Once the 150-day stoppage expires, the customer must begin payroll deduction or pay the remaining amount due on the permit to maintain an active status.
      1. The customer will have five (5) business days to re-start payroll deductions or pay their account in full.
  5. At any time during the permit year, Parking Services may award additional permits due to vacancies.  Permit costs will be pro-rated based on the days left in the permit year.
  6. Waitlists are broken into Commuter Students, Residential Students, Contract Employees, and Faculty/Staff.  Customers may place their name on the appropriate list by logging into their parking account.
  7. All notices regarding Red Hawk Deck permits will be via email.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to maintain a valid email address, and to update their address as required.

H. Floyd Hall Arena Parking Lots and Yogi Berra Field

The parking lots near the Floyd Hall Arena and surrounding Yogi Berra Field are reserved for the exclusive use of customers of these businesses. Parking Services has been requested to enforce these areas and issue citations as appropriate.

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IV. Parking for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Please see our map detailing the barrier-free routes around campus from accessible parking spaces. The routes highlighted have less than 5% grade incline.

A. Disability Placard Registration

Please note that to be eligible to park in the parking spaces for disabled persons on campus (except in the Red Hawk Deck), you must first possess or obtain a state-issued PWD parking permit. This state-issued permit must be registered with Parking Services and be displayed along with your MSU permit in your vehicle at all times when you are parked on campus. Verification assists Parking Services by reducing fraudulent use and is only required once.

  1. Parking for Disabled Students

The process to verify your placard is as follows:

  • Bring your state-issued PWD permit identification and the MSU permit you purchased to the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck for verification.
  • Purchase a permit online.
  1. Parking for Disabled Employees

The process to obtain an MSU employee PWD permit is as follows:

  • Please bring your state-issued PWD permit identification to the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck.
  • Your state-issued permit will then be verified.
  • Purchase a permit online.

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B. Where to Park—Visitors with Disabilities

The University provides accessible parking spaces in an effort to accommodate persons with disabilities. Visitors to campus with a State-issued PWD permit who do not possess an MSU-issued parking permit should park in accessible spaces in the Red Hawk Deck only or in metered spaces on campus.

In accordance with applicable State regulations, those vehicles displaying state-issued PWD permits that are parked in metered spaces need only pay for the first half-hour and then do not need to re-feed the meter for 24 hours.

On weekends (5:00pm Friday through 7:00am Monday) anyone with a State-issued PWD permit may park in any PWD space located in the surface lots without an additional MSU permit displayed.

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V. Special Events, Visitor Parking, and Other Important Parking Procedures

A. Visitor Parking on Campus

There are two parking options for visitors: metered parking spaces located in Lot 20, or in the Red Hawk Deck located on the main campus. Surface lots, with the exception of metered spaces, are exclusively for MSU permitted parking only.

Metered Pay Stations

A metered pay station is located in Lot 20 (map). Meter rates are $1.00 for each half-hour for a maximum of 90 minutes during peak times and 180 minutes during off peak times.  Peak hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30am-7:30pm and Fridays from 7:30am-3:30pm. All other times are off peak. This machine currently accepts bills, credit cards, and coins. In order to provide equitable access, metered spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vehicles are not allowed to remain parked past they maximum time period indicated.

Red Hawk Parking Deck

The Red Hawk Parking Deck is located on the main campus, adjacent to the Alexander Kasser Theater. The Red Hawk Parking Deck has a capacity of 986 parking spaces, including 21 accessible spaces for disabled parkers.

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone allows customers to use their cell phones to pay for short-term and event parking when it is permitted to do so.  There is a transaction fee for using Pay by Phone that is the responsibility of the user.  Information on Pay by Phone can be found at

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B. Special Events

Parking Services can assist customers in preparing for special events that are held on campus. We offer reserved parking, attendants who can welcome your guests, various message boards, and other useful services to assist you with a successful event. Please fill out the Special Event Parking Form and submit it to the Parking Services office via fax (x7582) at least three (3) business days, but preferably as soon as possible, before the scheduled date of your event.

Departments Paying for Special Event Parking:

Parking arrangements may be paid for using your departmental P-card. Otherwise:

Please note that all Grant Accounts beginning with the number "5" must have money allocated in object code 3860 to pay for parking.

All other Accounts beginning with numbers "1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9" must have money allocated in object code 8905 to pay for parking.

If there is no money available in the above object codes for parking, a budget transfer will need to be made previous to submitting your special event parking request. Please allow 2-3 business days for the transaction be process before requesting your special event tickets.

When parking spaces are reserved, the department/group will be charged based upon the number of spaces being held. If any event exceeds the number of reserved spaces agreed to, the invoice will be adjusted at flat-rate pricing after the event has concluded to reflect the higher number of vehicles.

An additional charge may be applied for reservations made with less than 3 days’ notice prior to requested event. (Note: Some departments find it useful to purchase pre-paid tickets in bulk so that they have them on hand for guests and visitors throughout the year, however, it is important that all users purchasing pre-paid tickets for the Red Hawk Deck understand that the tickets will expire 3 months after the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Users are therefore encouraged to only purchase pre-paid tickets for the Red Hawk Deck for events taking place within three (3) months of the date of purchase.

  • Special Event tickets for the Red Hawk Deck are $5.00 plus any applicable taxes prepaid, or $6.00 plus any applicable taxes if paid on the date of the event.

Some events and/or functions require parking enforcement personnel to properly manage the event, or require labor hours and material in preparation for the event. If you wish to secure an attendant, the cost is as follows:

On-Site Event Supervisors

Parking Attendants

With 7 days' notice $30 per hour

With 7 days' notice $25 per hour

With less than 7 days' notice $40 per hour

With less than 7 days' notice $35 per hour

When organizations wish to have access to parking lots other than the Red Hawk Deck, or they wish to have their event on a parking lot, the following rates apply:

University Affiliated Organizations

$2.50 per space

Non University Affiliated Organizations

$5.00 per space


Parking Services may close/block off these lots, spaces, areas, or garages as reserved for those attending a special event. Parking alternatives will be made available for displaced permit holders, based on permit type, and with no additional compensation to the displaced persons. However, if Parking Services determines that an event may cause an unacceptable disruption to campus operations; it may reject an event proposal. 

Any event which impacts parking must be coordinated with Parking Services. Parking arrangements for chartered buses and large vehicles that will impact traffic must also be coordinated with Parking Services and University Police.

Parking Services may take one or more of the following steps to inform permit holders of special event parking policies:

  • Information mailed or e-mailed to all permit holders with assigned lots or garages affected by special event parking.
  • Informational signs posted at the entrances to lots reserved for athletic and other special events.
  • Information posted in the News and Announcements section of our homepage.

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VI. Violations and Appeals

Citations are issued to violators of these parking regulations to protect the rights of legitimate parking permit holders and also to ensure that fire lane and traffic laws are unimpeded. The citations issued are non-criminal and will be collected via debt recovery.    

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A. Violations

The legal owner shall be responsible for all violations incurred by theie vehicle. Persons who fail to pay the assessed penalty or who fail to initiate the appeal process within twenty-one (21) calendar days after the date of the parking violation waive their right to appeal.  The citation and any accompanying photographs and/or notes are the prima-facie evidence of the violation.  MSU Parking enforcement officers issue these citations under the penalty of perjury.

Please Note: There is no parking, standing, or stopping on any roadways on campus. Stopping, standing, or idling for the purposes of picking up or discharging passengers, or loading and unloading is prohibited on all roadways and in areas that block access to driveways, sidewalks, stairs, delivery areas, bicycle lanes, pedestrian lanes, loading zones, parking stalls, curb cuts for the disabled, fire lanes, or entrances and exits to parking lots. There is no parking, stopping, standing, or idling permitted within the campus core, which has been designated a pedestrian area only for safety purposes.

Violation definitions:

Not Parked within a Stall – Parking in a manner where the tires are outside of the lines designating the parking space, including elongated lines to the front or rear of the space

Parked in a Space with an Expired Meter – The meter for the indicated space is expired. There is no grace period.

Parked in a Space over the Maximum Time Limit – To ensure turnover, vehicles are only allowed to park in metered spaces for the published maximum time limit. 

Not Moving a Vehicle When Instructed by Parking Services – After notification by email, letter, sign, or verbal, the vehicle is not removed from the lot or garage. This may be enforced by citation, booting, and/or towing.

Parking Permit Violation - The vehicle does not have a valid permit to park on campus, fails to display a permit when required, parks in the incorrect lot for the permit designation, or fails to register the vehicle attached to the permit.

Parked in an Area Designated as No Parking – Parked in an area that is posted with "No Parking" signs or painted in a manner that designates no parking.

Improper Parking – Unauthorized parking in areas of the campus not designated for parking.

Parking on the Grass or a Sidewalk – Unauthorized parking on campus grass, lawns, or sidewalks.

Failure to park off roadway – Parked in manner that creates a traffic hazard.

Parked within 10 feet of a fire hydrant – Parked within 10 feet of a hydrant or other devices used for fire suppression.

Parking in a Reserved Space – Unauthorized parking in a space designated as reserved either by sign or paint.

Parking in a Fire Lane – Parked in an area with posted no parking signs with Fire Lane verbiage.

Person with Disabilities Space Violation – Unauthorized parking in a PWD space and the vehicle has no valid placard.

Use of a Fraudulent Permit – Displaying or attempting to display a permit that was fraudulently obtained, created, or unauthorized by Parking Services.

Tampering with University Equipment – Tampering with, damaging, or attempting to tamper with, or damage, committing a theft, or attempting to commit a theft of equipment owned and operated by the University.

Loading Zone Violation – Parked in a designated loading zone greater than 15 minutes.

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B. Notification of Citations and Collection Procedures

All vehicles found to be in violation of any of the above parking regulations may be issued a citation.  A written form of the citation may be placed on the vehicle at the time of the violation or sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.
As a courtesy to the violator, the Parking Services may send additional notifications of violations to the registered owners of the vehicles, however, these courtesy notices do not relieve the violator of their responsibility to either pay their fine or respond in the mandated time limits. 

A late fee will be added to each citation when payment has not been made in twenty-two (22) days from the date of the violation, and an additional late fee will be added after 55 days.  Additionally, violators who fail to respond to citations within 65 days of the citation’s original date of issue may have their citation(s) sent to a third-party collection agency.  If this occurs, additional collection agency fees may be added to the accrued fines and late fees.

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C. Citation Appeals

Parking Citations must be paid and/or appealed onlineCitations must be appealed within twenty-one (21) days of the date that the citation was issued. After twenty-one (21) days, the right to appeal is waived and the registered owner is responsible for any fines associated with the citation. If the violator is in excess of $150 in fines, the vehicle is subject to booting and/or towing. Violators who are booted and/or have their car towed will be assessed an additional $75.00 boot fee for each action. Both MSU community members and visitors to campus, who do not have a NetID, may pay/appeal their citation online by entering the information requested. Payment for outstanding citations may be made using Visa, MasterCard, or Red Hawk Dollars.

Appealing your citation

Appeals must be submitted within twenty-one (21) days of the date that the ticket is issued. This process must be completed online. There are two computer stations located in the Parking Office for customer use if access if required. After the Appeals Officer reviews your appeal, you will receive an email or letter via USPS notifying you that your citation has been Upheld, Dismissed, or Reduced to a Warning.

In the case where a citation has been upheld, the following actions may be taken by the appellant:

  1. The appellant may pay the citation online or in person at the Parking Office.
  2. The appellant may request a hearing with the Director for Parking Services.
    1. The appellant will be required to go online and register a second appeal within tem (10) days of the date of the original decision.
    2. The appellant may be required to pay the citation in advance of being scheduled a hearing date.
    3. The appellant will receive a message via email of the date and time of their hearing.  This will be no sooner than 7 days from the date of the second appeal.
    4. The appellant will be given a set amount of time to present evidence as to why they believe their citation should be dismissed or the fine reduced.
    5. Failure to appear for the scheduled hearing will result in the Director using the information heretofore submitted to make the decision.

Failure to properly respond to a parking citation may result in the following:

  • Students - A hold will be placed on a student’s account, preventing a student from registering for classes, gaining access to transcripts, or graduating etc., if citations remain unpaid. In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner, and may result in referral to a third-party collections agency.
  • Faculty and Staff – Access to parking for the following year will be denied until citations are paid.  In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner, and may result in referral to a third-party collections agency.
  • Visitors – Failure to pay citations will result in passing the outstanding balance to a collections agency.  In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner.

All parking ticket appeals are reviewed by an Appeals Officer. When your appeal is received, the appeals officer will:

  1. Read the appeal and review the information on the citation record.
  2. Review the Parking Regulations that are relevant to the appeal.
  3. Review other information, such as area maps or digital photographs of signs in the area.
  4. Make a decision on the appeal.

The decision of the appeals officer is based on the type of violation, any previous citations, area signage, existing parking permits, and your reason for appeal.

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D. Booting Procedures

A vehicle may be immobilized under certain circumstances for the following reasons:

  • Parking in a “No Parking Zone”
  • Parking on Lawns/Developed/Restricted Areas
  • Parking in Reserved Parking spaces
  • Customers with outstanding tickets in excess of $150.00, who are at least twenty-one (21) days from the date of the citation issuance.
  • Vehicles parked in the same location, without being moved from the space, for more than 72 consecutive hours, if the vehicle is also eligible to be towed.

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E. Towing Procedures

A vehicle may be towed under certain circumstances for the following reasons:

  • Immobilized (“booted”) for more than 24 hours.
  • Parking in spaces designated as Disabled without the proper placard or permit.
  • Parking in an area designated as a Fire Zone.
  • Parking in a manner that obstructs a designated crosswalk, obstructs traffic, or obstructs a loading zone.
  • Parking in a manner that fails to comply with Emergency Parking Notices (ie. Operation Snow Clear).
  • Vehicles with outstanding account balance greater than $500.
  • Vehicles where we are unable to apply the booting device securely or due to vehicle modifications where the vehicle may be damaged during the application of the device.
  • Vehicle parked in areas were “Tow-Away Zone” signs are posted
  • Persistent Violators - any vehicle or parking account that has six (6) or more (paid or unpaid) parking citations in a permit year.  After the fifth citation, any vehicle linked to the account may be towed for each subsequent violation.

Any vehicle in the process of being towed, but not yet removed from campus is subject to a road charge fee by the tow company. All towing and storage charges must be paid directly to the tow company by the owner of the vehicle. All tow fees are set by the tow company. Vehicle owners will be requested to pay all outstanding account balances at the Parking Services office prior to their vehicle being released from the company.

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F. Other Rules

  • Any vehicle parked on University property without a valid registration or license plate will be treated as abandoned. An abandoned vehicle will be towed and stored at the owner's expense.
  • The University reserves the right to revoke the parking privilege of anyone who continually violates the University Parking Regulations whether or not the citations are paid.

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VII. Loading Zones

MSU service vehicles and delivery vehicles may park in loading zones for up to 15 minutes. Other vehicles must display the appropriate permit prior to parking in a loading zone. Any persons who feel they must park in a loading zone for a specific reason must get clearance from Parking Services. Otherwise, the individual is subject to citation. Permission will not be granted, or will be rescinded, if the motor vehicle is parked in a manner which obstructs a fire lane, impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or is parked in any other unsafe manner.

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VIII. Operation Snow Clear

All residential and commuter parking lots will be taken offline and will not be available for parking to accommodate snow removal. Residential Students are expected to park at CarParc Diem Deck or the Red Hawk Deck. Notification and instructions pertaining to Operation Snow Clear will be relayed to residential students via an email by the Office of Residential Education.

The CarParc Diem Deck and the Red Hawk Deck will be open for free parking for vehicles displaying a valid MSU Permit during the snow removal period.

Vehicles that remain in surface parking lots while Operation Snow Clear is in effect are subject to citation and towing at the owners expense.

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IX. Shuttle Services

The Office of Transportation Services operates an extensive network of free shuttle routes, looping around the campus, connecting the parking lots, main campus, NJ Transit Parking Deck, and the student residences on Clove Road. There is no cost to ride the shuttle, and all buses are open to the public. For more information, go to or email

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Allows parking in restricted resident student (green) surface parking lots, any commuter general (yellow) surface lots on weeknights 4:30pm to 7:30am, Friday at 4:30 pm until 7:30 am Monday and CarParc Diem from Friday 4:30pm until 11:59pm Sunday only. Overnight parking is prohibited in CarParc Diem on weekday nights (with the exception of Friday).