Shuttle Bus at The Heights bus stop

Charter Service

Montclair State University faculty, staff or students may charter buses for their department or organization to travel on University business whenever possible.

How to Request a Charter

Ideally, requests should be made three (3) weeks before the trip. Requests for estimates may be made no earlier than two months prior to the desired service date. All charter service fees are billed by the hour with a 3-hour minimum and are limited to less than 100 miles within the New Jersey area only. We also provide referrals to our preferred carriers who may be able to offer expanded services.

After Shuttle Services receives your request, they will provide you with a contract that details the number and type(s) of vehicles to be used (depending on the size and activity of the group), the service to be provided and the estimated total cost.

Charters are subject to fleet availability. You must sign and return this contract at least ten (10) business days before the requested date of the charter to confirm the charter service. Contracts are accepted Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Service can not be provided if a signed contract is not received or if the requester does not hold authority to charter.

Fees and Payments

An invoice will be sent to the customer within two (2) business days after a charter.

Payment may be made through the Internal Service Delivery process (preferred method), or a check made payable to Montclair State University – Shuttle Services.

There is a minimum charge of $240 (three (3) hours @ $80/hour), which includes one (1) hour for the Federally-mandated pre-trip and post-trip bus inspections.

Charter hours billed will be the calculated total of inspection, cleaning, running and layover times. If the buses require additional cleaning after a charter, the charges will be billed to the customer.

Lodging for the driver(s) on overnight trips, parking fees, tolls, highway permits and any other incidentals are the responsibility of the hiring party.

Changes and Cancellations

Making Changes to Your Charter Agreement

Any changes to be made to the charter contract must be submitted in writing to the Shuttle Services. If there is time added to or subtracted from the duration of the charter, adjustments will be reflected on the contract. Requests for changes may be submitted via e-mail, USPS, or fax (973-655-3126).


Cancellations made with less than two (2) business days’ notice will be billed the three-hour minimum as a cancellation fee.

Cancellations made less than two (2) hours before the scheduled start of the charter will be billed for the scheduled duration of the said charter.

Any chartering party deemed a “no show” for their charter will be billed for the scheduled duration of said charter.

There is no penalty if a charter is canceled with more than two (2) business days’ notice.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing with the signature of the Representative, Dean, Director or their Designee and will be confirmed by Shuttle Services.

Shuttle Services reserves the right to cancel any charter for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Unprofessional or threatening behavior toward the driver
  • Blatant disregard for any charter policy
  • Inclement weather (e.g. predicted snowfall or icy conditions)
  • Public intoxication

The driver reserves the right to request that any passenger exit the bus if the passenger:

  • Smokes or possesses open alcoholic beverages.
  • Violates either of the University polices regarding Employee or Student Conduct.
  • Engages in any behavior that limits the driver’s ability to drive or threatens the safety of passengers.

Additional Policies

Absolutely no smoking or open alcoholic beverages will be permitted on any bus at any time.

Drivers are instructed to wait for passengers for up to 30 minutes from the pickup time on the contract.

When chartering more than one bus, the buses will travel as a group whenever possible.

Shuttle Services cannot guarantee that charters can continue more than one hour beyond the arranged end time, or past 9 p.m.