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Success Story: Sabrina Araullo

Public Relations Major, Class of 2018

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Name: Sabrina Araullo

Company: MSNBC

Title: Media Relations Intern

Graduation Date: May 2018

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Public & Professional Writing


Q: What inspired your success?

A: Many things inspired my success, but at its core was my curiosity and passion. My curiosity allowed me to discover what I love to do, people whose careers I admired and began to both emulate and reach out to for advice and, lastly, my curiosity continually drives me to learn and absorb more and more because I believe you can never stop growing both personally and professionally. As for my passion, it’s what fueled all of this. I’ve always followed what I love to do and it has allowed me to authentically succeed and apply 110% to everything I do.

Q: What is it you do at MSNBC?

A: As a media relations intern at MSNBC I conduct research on media coverage for all MSNBC talent and programs across print and digital news outlets, develop media lists as well as relationships with journalists and reporters during MSNBC events, and I assist in creating social media posts for our MSNBC PR profiles including Twitter and Instagram. 

Q: How did you land this role?

A: Three months later and I’m still surprised I landed this position. Since freshman year, I’ve applied to NBC every semester; however, I believe it was how well-rounded of a candidate I was and my leadership experience that got me in the door. Not only did I have a media relations background that specifically catered to the role, but my experience also extended across the domains of marketing, social and digital media, editorial operations, and moving up through the ranks in the organizations I’m a member of. It was also my ability to properly convey the growth I’ve brought to my organizations and my own professional narrative that helped me.

Q: Were there any faculty or staff members that were particularly helpful during your time at Montclair State?

A: I’m not saying this because I’m sending these answers to him (I promise) but I attribute a lot of my success to Greg Costanzo. As a sophomore and early in my junior year, you could find me in his office at least once a week. He facilitated the development of my professional foundation including my resume, cover letters, interviewing skills, salary negotiation, and more. Prior to meeting him, I had no knowledge of what I needed in terms of tangible professional materials or where to even begin. Not only did he help me develop those materials and skills, but he helped me gain confidence in my ability to communicate my professional narrative and the value I bring which is something I will always be grateful for.

Q: What was the most valuable service or event that College of the Arts’ Career Services offered?

A: I believe the most valuable service offered by the College of the Arts’ Career Services is the time dedicated to interacting with students in a one-on-one setting. It provides a unique and personalized learning experience in terms of developing yourself professionally because no two career paths are the same and work experience will seldom be linear. Additionally, having someone take the time to understand your professional narrative, in the end, greatly adds to their ability to help you get where you want to go.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: After graduation, I plan on working within a public relations or marketing agency in New York City. Social media and developing strategic and creative communication plans are a primary interest for me, so this is the direction I plan on going in. Down the road, I see myself either becoming Chief Marketing or Brand officer for a large company or traveling and doing freelance branding and PR for smaller companies. A girl can dream.

Q: What advice would you give to current and prospective students?

A: Advice I would give to students would be to follow what you love and remember to never stop growing and learning in all areas of your life. Make yourself, your growth, and your success your priorities