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Montclair Product Design Student Interns at Specialized

Adam Pelley ’19 successfully completed an internship at bicycle component manufacturer Specialized

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Spending time in the San Francisco Bay Area mountain biking some of California’s most beautiful trails sounds a bit like an outstanding vacation. For Adam Pelley ’19, this was an excellent work and life experience.

In Adam’s words:

“This was a dream job for me; the internship from heaven. I was in a unique position that enabled me to channel my love for cycling into my research and design work. It was truly inspiring to work in an environment that promoted such creativity and innovation. Being surrounded by people who are so passionate about their work was a constant motivator.”

There’s more to life than studying, practicing, and working hard, too:

“There was an incredible emphasis on the balance between work and play–a vital component to both the company’s success and my success at the company. I have gained invaluable insight regarding the industrial designer’s role in the process of bringing a product to life.”

The concept developed from Adam’s primary work at this internship may soon see the light of day as a product on the shelves of every high-end bike shop in the country, and Adam hopes to have the opportunity to return to Specialized as a full-time employee in the near future–perhaps after completing his study abroad in Hungary.


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