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Exhibit Encircles the Creativity of BFA Students

With “O,” Newark gallery showcases the work of emerging Montclair State artists

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The Index Art Center in Newark is displaying work by Bachelor of Fine Arts students from Montclair State University inspired by the circle and letter “O.”

The exhibit has been curated by Noelle Park, a senior Art History major, and Chai Evaline Silva ’19, who studied Visual Arts, to portray how the artists have applied the symbolism of the shape and letter in their work.

Video art, photography and graphic design, combine with painting and drawing, to construct a “tenacious relationship between the different mediums and processes,” the curators say. “Each body of work symbolizes its creator’s individualized perceptions of physical and spiritual wholeness, interconnectivity and female empowerment.”

The exhibit features works by Silva, with other 2019 graduates, Bhakti Gundani, Animation and Illustration, and Yoshimi Suzuki, Visual Arts, as well as current Montclair State seniors Abigail Diecidue, Fine Arts Studio, and Jezreel Deseo, Visual Communication Design.

The opening reception on September 28 featured musical performances by Joohee Choi, Misook Mendonca, Abigail Yashiro, The Lovenauts and The Hums.

The exhibit runs through October 10. The Index Art Center is located at 233 Washington Street, Newark.

Photos by Charlene Parkin, a senior majoring in Fine Arts at Montclair State University.

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