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Lights, Camera, Action! From Promotions Team Member to Camera Operator with the NJ Devils

Alumni Spotlight: Michael J. Fox

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Photo of Alumni Michael J. Fox holding a video camera

Michael J. Fox ‘2020 graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Production.

“I had a few cousins that also went to Montclair and went in the same career path and figured that would be the best course of action. As a television major, I learned the ins and outs of control room procedures and got a basic understanding of where/ if I got an entry-level job.”

He is currently a Camera Operator for the New Jersey Devils and New York Red Bulls, working for StatCast 3D for Major League Baseball accompanied by remotely running commercials with Edgio for ESPN+.

When deciding to become part of the promotions team with the NJ Devils, in the spring of 2018, he was taking Russian I. “I met this guy who was wearing Devil’s Promo team gear and got to know him. He helped me get a job with them the following season where I worked that position for two years.” He later transitioned out of that position into his current position. “During my two years, I was the first one in and the last one out. I worked very hard to stand out.” He states, “Sports is a very hard industry to move up in unless you have a connection.”

Once he graduated, he began to express interest in the “Rockyvision” department at The Prudential Center, where they cover the in-house broadcast for the NJ Devils, Seton Hall, and other events. Once he noticed that things with COVID began to lighten up, he finally got an interview and has been working there since July 2021.

“The best part about my job is being able to do multiple positions for different game days. Somedays I do cameras, and the best part of that is filming the fans and getting them up on the video board.” On other days, he is controlling the ice projections or doing engineering work, where you really get to see what the setup of a television broadcast is like. He also enjoys the pay.

As a student during the pandemic, there were some challenges he faced, “The biggest challenge is just getting your name out there. Television is a competitive field and there are not really any job postings for most of the positions available. It is more of who you know type of world. Standing out is the best way to secure a job if you lack those connections.”

But luckily, the College of the Arts Career Services Department was able to help. During his senior year in 2019-2020, he started working with a tour company doing a live broadcast across the country every week. Fox was able to get credits for his work that went into the degree. “Victoria was very helpful and understanding, I still see her at Seton Hall games today and get her on the jumbotron!”

Once graduated, landing the first few internships was difficult. There were no sports, no real positions available, making him question his life decisions. “I started working at a liquor store and a power washing company to make ends meet. I researched every type of broadcast happening in the state of New Jersey, and found that horse racing was the only event still happening.” Soon, he emailed their PR department and eventually found himself filming at the Meadowlands Racetrack. After that, things began to click very fast as the sports world was coming back. His previous boss within the Promotions Teams helped him secure his current position with the Devils.

As he looks back at his college career, his advice for current students: “The simple answer is to work hard and stand out. Apply for an internship even if you do not think you will land it. Something will eventually hit. If someone is looking to work in the sports industry, make connections now. The best thing I did in my college career was to join Greek Life where I made connections through past alumni to help me get some of the jobs I have today. Networking is very important in this field to get gigs.”


Written by Gabriela Zamora