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Montclair State Fashion Show Returns for the First Time Since 2019

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Image from Mass Appeal fashion show

Montclair State University’s end-of-the-year fashion show has returned to the catwalk for the first time since 2019. The in-person show had been paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The student designers were met with a sold-out show that was a multimedia experience, as their looks were livestreamed for the first time.

The fashion show showcases student designs and features student models. The program was forced to go virtual during the pandemic.

“It was just such a hard time, especially trying my best to learn in class Zoom. It was just very difficult,” says senior Yara Yont. “I feel like I did have to sacrifice a lot of my learning because it’s much harder learning by yourself.”

“They had some training in visual communication and the fashion students did it themselves,” says Abby Lillethun, deputy chair of Art & Design. “They did motion graphics and they videotaped themselves with friends and they edited a show. It was of course strange not to be face to face, but it was so enlivening that they could do it anyway.”

The theme for this year’s show is “Mass Appeal.” Organizers say that it shows the importance of the masses to the world of fashion.

“Fashion is mass. When you talk about fashion, the difference between fashion and style fashion has a mass appeal. The real money isn’t made in the fashion industry until it reaches the masses,” says Pamela Macklin, fashion show coordinator.

This fashion show is also an opportunity for future designers to win scholarships to further their studies.

Award Recipients Include:

Noteworthy ARTX 120: Intro Apparel Construction
1st prize: Dyana Najdi (Sophomore)
2nd prize: Mariya Daivs (Senior)

New ARTX 226: Intermediate Apparel Construction
1st prize: Aryanna Salmon (Senior)
2nd prize: Josh Gralinski (Junior)

Now ARTX 322: Flat Pattern
1st prize: Yara Yont (Senior)
2nd prize: Liz Kunze (Senior)

Next ARTX 422: Draping
1st prize: Ash Ditaranto (Senior)
2nd prize: Ella Cavanagh (Senior)

Original story by Matt Trapani and Naomi Yané for News 12 Bronx

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