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News Media 101: Sharing Your Expertise with the Public

Join us on Zoom Thursday, March 21, 3:30-5pm to get simple, actionable tips for working with the news media.

Reflecting and Improving Critical Thinking with Gen AI

On Wed March 20, from 10-11am, join the OFE and Patricia Virella on zoom to discuss the March theme of the FIEAL series.

OFE Spring Break Research and Writing Intensive

Planning to get some writing done over spring break? Join our Spring Break Research and Writing Intensive for morning writing sessions.

Do-It-Now: Grade Submission with the Registrar’s Office

In this online session, the Assistant Director of Communication & Academic Records for the Registrar Cardrienne McDonald Sarin will guide instructors through the process of submitting end-of-term grades. Join us on Wed, March 6, 3-3:30pm.

Teaching at Montclair 101: March 7

In anticipation of the start of the second 8-week term and second half term of the spring semester, we invite all instructors, new or fairly new to teaching at Montclair, to join one of our Montclair 101 sessions and learn about navigating the university, managing teaching, and more.

Demystifying the Academic Dishonesty Process: Slides and Recording

Check out the slide deck and session recording to learn more about the academic dishonesty process from Montclair’s new Director of Student Conduct, Christopher Trautman.

Strong student campaign: Academic support partners to help your students

Join us online on Tuesday 2/13 3-4pm to learn more about the support resources you can refer your students to.

Black History Month and Beyond: A Faculty Panel

Join us online for this faculty panel on Tuesday 2/20, from 2-3pm, to learn strategies for making Black History and Heritage more than a month.

Generative AI: Resources and Workshops

Explore OFE resources on Generative AI in teaching and learning, or join one of our AI workshops.

Do-It-Now: Navigate Early Progress Reporting

Join us online on Feb 6 or Feb 9 for 30 minutes to learn how to submit Early Progress Reports on Navigate. REPORTS ARE DUE MONDAY, FEB 12!

Instructor Essentials

Got a teaching question? Explore Instructor Essentials — OFE collection of practical resources for instructors.

Thank a Professor Program

Thank a Professor program: inviting students to reflect on their education journey and show appreciation for those who have been supporting them.