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New essay about Italian women writers in New York by Dr. Teresa Fiore

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Dr. Teresa Fiore (Professor of Italian and Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies) recently published a chapter in the book Italy and the USA: Cultural Change Through Language and Narrative, edited by Guido Bonsaver, Alessandro Carlucci and Matthew Reza (Oxford, UK: Legenda, 2019). The essay, titled “Narrating New Italianness in the U.S. in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries,” focuses on three novels published in Italian by Italian women writers based in New York: Chiara Marchelli (Le mie parole per te), Elena Attala-Perazzini (Tre stop a New York) and Tiziana Rinaldi (Come della rosa). The essay offers a reading of these works as contact points between two or more cultures: the individual experience of writers active within a trans-national Italian dimension designs fluid forms of identity and belonging across borders through fiction that inhabits one space and speaks the language of another. The volume in which the essay is included is the result of a presentation at the conference “Cultures on the Move: Italy and the US: Language, Literature, Cinema,” which took place at the University of Oxford in 2016 with Dr. Fiore as one of the keynote speakers.

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