Wide shot of the College Hall building on campus in the summer.

Instructions for International Guests

The Inserra Chair’s events often include invited guests from Italy or other countries to achieve its goal of internationalizing and diversifying the curriculum and cultural  programming.  Invitations to foreign guests are subject to some restrictions related to the campus administration as well as U.S. regulations.

We ask our international guests to consider and comply with the instructions below in order to make their planning and visit as smooth as possible. We appreciate our guests’ compliance. Please note that these suggested instructions apply partially or totally, depending on the specific agreement reached between the Inserra office and each guest.

  • Book your flight to and from Newark Liberty International Airport only, as transportation from New York City airports to campus is either expensive or requires transfers. Please make sure you book it 3 months in advance in order to take advantage of good offers and direct flights. Flights are reimbursed only up to a specific amount specified at the time of the agreement for the on-campus engagement.
  • Taxi or car service, if agreed upon, can be covered by the Inserra from and/or to Newark Liberty International Airport exclusively.
  • The agreed-upon honorarium is to be considered as gross income: an approximate 30% tax applies, according to U.S. fiscal regulations, unless the guest holds a SSN or TIN and is eligible for the full compensation as part of a bi-national agreement. In this case,  taxes on that income will be paid in the home country. Follow the link for more info.
  • Plan to lodge either at a campus accommodation — space permitting– or a hotel off campus. Shuttle or taxi service to campus will be provided for the day of the engagement. Lodging is covered for two nights before the day of the engagement on campus, and the night of the engagement itself. If the guests has more than one engagement, s/he will be covered for the nights in between as well. Note that the Inserra Chair cannot cover lodging in New York City due to the vast difference in price.
  • Visits to New York City – a main attraction for visitors to Montclair State University, given its closeness (only 18 miles/30 km) – are easy to plan. The campus is connected via direct trains and busses. Please read the information about transportation to NYC carefully as trains do not run during the weekend and busses leave from a few blocks off campus and run less regularly.

Note: In the case of a co-sponsorship with a New York City-based institution, arrangements can vary and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.