Image of a small Italian language class with two smiling students.

Teaching English in Italy

Tips for Students

Students often inquire about the possibility of working as an English language teacher in Italy, to be able to live in the country for a while or perhaps permanently.

Here are a few links that might help you take the first steps and find opportunities to work abroad, enroll in summer programs, and/or complete training courses. Note that the Inserra Chair does not run these programs nor can it vouch for them. It is simply listing information received by emails and found on the Internet to respond to students’ inquiries on the topic.

  • Teaching English in Italy website  is a teacher training organization located in Florence, Italy. They offer on site and online courses, basic and advanced, to get TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified.
  • VoluntarItaly2017 is a volunteering initiative organized by the Dante Alighieri Society, Michigan Chapter, with the Oratori Lombardi in the Mantua area for American students of Italian, ages 18-25. It consists of working at summer camps in Lombardy (Northern Italy) from June 12 to July 2, 2017 helping teaching English and at the same time getting a chance to improve your Italian.
  • GeoVisions offers opportunities to work abroad as a volunteer English tutor or “au-pair,” as well as to participate in summer programs.
  • Gooverseas lists job positions to teach English in Italy and related activities.
  • Through Greenheart Travel you can work as an English teacher in Italy for 3 months while living with a host family.
  • InterExchange offers three “Teach English in Italy” Programs:
    1. “English Conversation Coach” to provide English tutoring for your host family in an informal setting;
    2. “School Teaching Assistant” to assist with English teaching at a local school while living with an Italian host family; and
    3. “Summer English Camp” to teach English through engaging activities and games at summer camps in Italy.