View of Manhattan skyline from campus.

School of Communication and Media (Presentation Hall 1040)

The School of Communication and Media is located on the south-east side of campus. Whether you drove and parked at the Red Hawk Parking Deck or took public transportation (train or bus), walk up the hill on Normal Ave. to reach the stairs running along the Kasser Theater.

Once on top of the stairs (you will see George Segal’s white human-size sculptures to your right), walk around Cole Hall with the the theater first and the amphitheater later to your left. Do not go continue further up the hill, but take the small path to your right that coasts the construction site, and ends in front of two buildings. The School of Communication and Media is the red-roofed white building to the left, while the other is Morehead Hall to your right. The library and Café Diem will be directly behind you as you access the School of Communication and Media building through the main entrance.

Presentation Hall 1040 is to your left as soon as you enter the building from the main entrance.

See interactive map (keep in mind that this map does not reflect the current construction work)