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Opportunities for Students

The Inserra Chair is committed to providing opportunities to Montclair State University and high school students for the acquisition and application of knowledge about Italian culture through ad hoc projects and regular programs in line with a current philosophy adopted in the education system.

The Inserra Chair spearheads, supports, and supervises special projects in collaboration with outside partners such as media, theaters, film productions private businesses, foreign universities, consular offices and titling agencies. These educational activities create pre-professional opportunities for students as integrated components of the regular course curriculum, which have a long-term effect on student success.

Click on the links below for further information on special projects and opportunities for students:

Additionally, the Inserra Chair informs students about off-campus opportunities for cultural and linguistic opportunities, both in our area and in Italy:

These projects confirm the dynamism of the Italian program’s course offerings and the interdisciplinary nature of its vision. They are also closely aligned with the University’s 2011 Strategic Plan including increasing real-world work experiences for students via internship and co-op opportunities.

Goal 1 Objective F: real-world learning and cooperative education experiences (p. 9) and Objective G: co-curricular activities (p. 9);

Goal 2 Objective B: off campus partnerships and new modes of instruction (p. 11);

Goal 3 Point B: Innovative approaches to regional issues (p. 13);

Goal 4 Objective E: Dynamic approach to learning a language (p. 16);

Goal 5 Objective G: Acquaint public with Montclair State University projects (p. 21).