View of Manhattan skyline from campus.

Conrad J. Schmitt Hall Building

To reach Conrad J. Schmitt Hall from the Red Hawk Deck, exit the parking structure on the first floor and walk up the hill with the Kasser Theater behind you and Susan A. Cole Hall (the white building with the bell on top) to your right. Bear right through the Alumni Green to walk around Sprague Library, Cafe Diem, and a brown brick building called Finley Hall, which will all be on your left. Continue on the same path until you see a new three-story white building with a red roof on your left.

Schmitt Hall’s main entrance is across from Memorial Auditorium. THE ELEVATOR is reachable either by using the South Entrance on the side (under a skywalk) or by using the Main Entrance, making a left, and going through one set of glass doors.

You may view an interactive map of this route here.

Inserra Chair’s Office (Conrad J. Schmitt Hall Room 241 D)

The Inserra Chair’s office is Room 241 D which is located on the second floor of Conrad J. Schmitt Hall. Faculty offices run parallel to the main corridor (behind 225 and the restrooms). You can access the faculty office area through the entrances located at either end of the hallway next to the entrance doors for the second floor, as well as a central door across from the lounge area. As you wait, you can sit in the lounge or the lobby area of the faculty office, past the central door.

Conrad J. Schmitt Hall Room 104

Room 104 is located on the first floor of Conrad J. Schmitt Hall.

From the South Entrance on the side (under a skywalk), walk through the glass doors directly in front of you. The meeting room is the first door on your right.

From the Main Entrance, make a left and head down the hallway right up to the glass doors. Room 104 is the last door on the left.

If you arrive early there is a sitting area in the main lobby.

Escoriaza Room

The Teresa de Escoriaza Seminar Room is located on the third floor of Conrad J. Schmitt Hall. After entering the main doors, take the elevator or stairs to the third floor. Follow the hallway to your left until you see a set of glass doors to your right.