View of Manhattan skyline from campus.

School of Business: Lecture Hall (Room 101) and Multi-purpose Room 140

The Feliciano School of Business – Lecture Hall, Room 101 and Multi-purpose Room 140 (both on the ground floor)

To reach the Feliciano School of Business from the Red Hawk Parking Deck: after parking, exit through the back of the deck on the 5th floor and follow the path along the soccer field. At the end of the path, you will see the Feliciano School of Business in front. Walk around it, up the stairs to its right and enter the building through the main door to your left.

If you come by public transportation, walk up the campus entrance stairs next to the Kasser Theater and proceed up the hill past the Amphitheater and Dickson Hall. When you see an esplanade to your left, take the path that leads you to the School of Business’ main entrance door.

Once in the lobby, walk along the left side of the main stairs: Lecture Hall, Room 101, is at the end of the lobby past a set of double doors.

Room 140 will be to your right after stepping inside the building (it is a large room with a glass wall).