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Dr. Teresa Fiore Publishes Article on Contemporary Italian Migration to the U.S. in Italian Translation

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The article titled “Migrazioni all’italiana: Una mappa dell’esodo contemporaneo verso gli Stati Uniti (1990-2020)” was just published in the volume Gli italiani in USA: nuove prospettive di una diaspora secolare, edited by Anthony Julian Tamburri and Silvana Mangione (New York: John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, 2021: 19-47). The article is an expanded and updated version of a previous article titled “Migration Italian Style: Charting the Contemporary U.S.-Bound Exodus (1990-2012),” which was originally included in the volume New Italian Migrations to the United States, Vol. 2: Art and Culture Since 1945, edited by Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra (Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2018). The volume contains essays about history (Peter Carravetta), politics (Ottorino Cappelli), material culture (Laura Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra), film (Ilaria Serra) and literature (Emanuele Pettener) linked to the contemporary exodus from Italy to the U.S.

Gli italiani in USA was presented at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute on Dec. 8, 2021, and a review by Antonella Martino of the presentation and of the book itself was subsequently published in La Voce di New York. The review praises the various essays in the volume for their ability to enrich and complicate the reading of Italy through a transnational lens. In the last section, the review pays special attention to Fiore’s essay, calling it “a beautiful essay” that highlights the layered and diverse nature of contemporary mobility from Italy to the U.S.. In this sense, the reviewer concludes, Fiore’s main argument is a methodological suggestion bound to be relevant for the study of migrations at large, beyond specific borders: “l’Italia ha il potenziale per diventare un laboratorio per analisi spazio-temporali che possono soltanto arricchire il dibattito sulle migrazioni globali” (Italy has the potential of becoming a laboratory for spatio-temporal analyses able to certainly enrich the debate about global migrations).