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Dr. Teresa Fiore Contributes to Winning Candidacy of Agrigento as the Capital of Italian Culture in 2025

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Group Agrigento with Fiore presentation Ministery Cultural Affairs Rome 2023

Dr. Teresa Fiore was invited to join the delegation in charge of presenting the dossier for the candidacy of Agrigento as Italy’s 2025 Cultural Capital at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Rome on March 27, 2023. The dossier, to which Fiore had previously contributed with projects about migration and citizenship that are at the core of her research agenda, was eventually deemed the best of ten shortlisted finalists by the selection jury, over a total of twenty towns running. And on March 31, 2023 Agrigento was proclaimed Cultural Capital, a recognition that will bring visibility and funding to the city via projects focused on culture and the arts that promise to have a long-lasting impact on the local community, its natural environment, economy, and visitors. Read article on Rainews.


The delegation (see photo on top) that Teresa Fiore was part of included: the mayor of Agrigento, Francesco Micciché; the President of the University Consortium of Agrigento, Nenè Mangiacavallo; the project director, Roberto Albergoni; the project manager Margherita Orlando; the director of Farm Cultural Park, Florinda Saieva; the President of the Opera Cardinal Ferrari, Milan, Prof. Pasquale Seddio; City rep Costantino Ciulla; General Director of Coop Culture, Letizia Casuccio. The National President of FAI, Marco Magnifico was not able to be present, while the President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly Gaetano Galvagno attended.

As Roberto Albergoni has remarked: “The proclamation of Agrigento as Italian Capital of Culture 2025 commits us to carry out the participatory project approved by the Ministry focusing on art and culture in dialogue with the local communities as well as the international one, which includes university faculty and students with their scholarly contributions on the topical themes of environment, digital communication and new mobility.”


“It was a great honor and joy to be part of a delegation that worked as a well-integrated team.” Teresa Fiore added. “This project is giving me the chance to ‘return’ to my hometown in a unique way, leveraging my professional experience in cultural and migration studies, while remaining in tune with the very personal emotions that this special opportunity elicits. I look forward to connecting the academic and artistic world of the Tri-State area with Agrigento and its province, as an extension of the work I have done at Montclair State University for over a decade in line with the internationalization of its educational and cultural offer.”

Read the full presentation by Teresa Fiore in English and in Italian.

Watch the presentation of the dossier in Rome, followed by the Q&A with the jury members (Teresa Fiore’s 4 mins presentation at 24’20”):

Watch the proclamation of Agrigento (at 30’40”):

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