String Students

Concerts Dates list:

Wednesday 9/30 Strings @1.30pm
Wednesday 11/18 Chamber Music @1.30pm
Tuesday 11/24 Chamber Music @8pm
Wednesday 12/9 String & Chamber Juries
Wednesday 1/27 Shanghai Quartet@1.30pm
Wednesday 3/14 Strings @1.30pm
Wednesday 4/14 Chamber Music@1.30pm
Tuesday 4/20 Chamber Music@8pm

Upcoming Masterclass:
Wednesday February 24 at 11:30AM
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More information about The Graduate String Quartet Fellowship contact Nicholas Tzavaras

Masterclass Dates: TBD

Shanghai Quartet Coachings: TBD

Practicum Wednesdays at 12noon – format for Fall 2020:

Violin & Viola – Kathryn Lockwood in G1
Zoom link:  Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Cello – Tomoko Fujita in G2

Bass – Jeremy McCoy in 230 (online for fall 2020)

Grad PracticumTomoko Fujita in G1 (Tuesdays at 4pm)

Practicum Pianists Protocol and contact information; Please make sure to contact your pianist with plenty of notice to organize rehearsals and to give them music in advance.

Violin – William Hobbs:
Violin/Viola – Sojung Park:; (917) 349-1210
Cello/Bass –  Sojung Park:; (917) 349-1210
Grad Practicum (Tuesdays at 4pm) Shixuan Zhang:


Office hours: Kathryn Lockwood, Strings Area Coordinator, just email at any time. 

Chamber Music: Coachings will take place on Wednesdays between 9-12noon in G01, G02, 206, and 230.  Rehearsals are expected to be organized by the groups and to take place at other times during the week. The Shanghai Quartet will coach each of the groups periodically throughout the semester.  

Restart Plan: Click here

Recital Policy: Click here  



Coach/Room 9am  10am  11am Noon
Room 230 GROUP A: Kathryn Lockwood

Verdi Quartet

Amy” Wong, violin 1
Julian Yim, violin 2
KL, viola
Eugene Yuen, cello

Open to air GROUP D: Tomoko Fujita

Messiaen, Louange a l”eternite de
Jesus from Quatour pour la fin du Temps

Paul Vanderwal, cello
Eugene Yuen, cello
Stella Saliei, cello
Regena (Yixun) Zhang, cello

Room 206 Open to air Open to air GROUP C: Kathryn Lockwood

Haydn Op. 77/2

Michaela Deutsch-Dornfield, Violin
Daniella Renteria
Emily Wong, viola
LeYao Chen, cello

Room G1 Open to air GROUP F: Kathryn Lockwood

Haydn Divertimento

Jamiroquai Ellison, violin 1
Lanaye Kemp, violin 2
Nicole Stites, cello

Open to air Violin/Viola Practicum
Room G2 Open to air GROUP B: Tomoko Fujita

Piano Quintet – Shostakovich 

Puishan “Amy” Wong, violin
Nkem Nwosu, violin
Yuchen Chang, viola
Regena (Yixun) Zhang, cello
Ethan Dunne, Piano

Open to air Cello Practicum
Tuesday at 5pm?


Group E:  Yi-Wen 

String Trio – Beethoven

Steve Ridge, violin
Genevieve Sallemi, viola
Paul Vanderwal, cello