John J. Cali School of Music's Leshowitz Hall.

Spring 2022 Restart FAQs

Please note that any performing arts student expecting to appear onstage during the Spring semester will be required to show proof of receiving a COVID booster shot prior to Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the first day of classes.

Download PDF of College of the Arts Dean Gurskis’ letter.

The University has developed new mask mandates. You can read the University Policy here:

University Mask Policy

Guests for Events and Auditions must follow these policies to be admitted:

COVID-19 HEALTH & SAFETY The 2021-22 performances at the Cali School of Music will take place in person. To help protect the health and safety of audiences, artists, staff, and our greater community, patrons are required to complete MSU Hawk Check and wear masks at all times for all performances.

Students, faculty, and staff must fill out Hawk Check every day and get tested immediately if they have any symptoms.

Hawk Check

Regarding “Indoor Procedures” it states, “A limited number of exceptions may be permitted, including allowing performers on stage and intercollegiate athletes engaging in sports activities to remove their masks.” The School of Music will employ the following strategies:

  • Students who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks in indoor studio classes for specific activities where masks make it difficult to perform learning goals; we suggest you keep this practice to the bare minimum this Fall.

  • Students will wear masks in all large and small ensemble rehearsals; wind and brass players will wear masks when not playing.

  • The instructor for the class will make the judgement call when masks can be removed.

  • Masks must stay on for lecture type instruction and when a student is not actively engaged in the class, such as watching others perform in the studio.

  • Only vaccinated students may perform and rehearse in ensembles (Leshowitz Recital Hall, Memorial Auditorium, Kasser Theatre, Cali School rooms).

  • Unvaccinated students may not perform in staged performances with audience members in attendance, in ensembles, or participate in courses that require an abundance of aerosols to be dispersed (this includes aural skills, movement classes, chamber music, etc).

  • During a performance when a student is offstage or waiting in the wings for an extended period of time, they should be masked.

  • Students, faculty, and staff must fill out Hawk Check every day and get tested immediately if they have any symptoms.

  • Students who test positive must quarantine as per University guidelines. Students who are vaccinated and found to be in proximity of a positive case do not have to quarantine unless they test positive after they are traced per University guidelines.

  • Students who are not vaccinated must remain masked and six feet apart from others in the classroom. This includes students who have a vaccine exemption or only have one dose.

  • Faculty and staff  will be confidentially notified if a student has a vaccine exemption or only one dose and that individual must remain masked.

COVID updates are changing daily.

Please see the information in the following link: