BFA Acting


Program Admission Contact:
Kim Whittam, 973-655-7201
  University Admission Contact:
Erin Samples, 973-655-4331
BFA Acting Coordinator:
Dr. Suzanne Trauth, 973-655-7000

Major-specific Guidelines –

To be considered for admission to the BFA Acting program, students must first submit an online application to Montclair State University, then follow the guidelines below:

    • Applicants should be incoming freshmen or sophomores. (Note to sophomores: Sequence of acting courses in the program requires a minimum of seven (7) semesters of work.)
    • Upon completion and review of the submitted university application, applicants may be emailed an invitation to attend an interview/audition with the Department of Theatre & Dance. (note: Please schedule your appointment online in accordance with sent instructions.)
    • Invited applicants should submit the following written materials and audition fee at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment:

      • A completed BFA Acting Application Form (note: This is separate from the online university application and is provided when you are invited to audition)
      • Letter of Intent, providing highlights of previous theater experience and plans for future development;
      • Resume of experience
      • Photocopy of your high school or college transcript

      • Small recent school photo or headshot
      • Recommendation letter from a teacher, director and/or other theater professional familiar with your work and academic potential. Letter should evaluate your self-discipline, attitude, motivation, creativity and potential for success in the performing arts. They may be copies of letters provided to the Admissions office.
      • $40 Audition fee (non-refundable) payable by check or money order.

        Send materials and fee to:

        Kim Whittam
        Department of Theatre and Dance
        Department Admission Coordinator
        126 Life Hall
        Montclair State University
        Montclair, New Jersey 07043
 Applicants should arrive early on the day of their scheduled appointment.

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Audition Preparation –

    • Prepare two monologues of not more than two minutes each.
    • Monologues must be memorized.
    • Monologues may be chosen from any time period and should offer as much contrast as possible. One of the monologues must be from a contemporary realistic play. Choose roles in which you could be cast professionally at this point in your career and which show you off to your best advantage. Do not attempt roles outside of your current age range.

At the conclusion of the audition you will be interviewed by the screening committee.  Interviews last two to three minutes.

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Acceptance Criteria –

The Acting audition is judged in terms of the following:

    • Versatility, as evidenced in the level of contrast in roles performed.
    • Vocal control, as evidenced in tone support; projection and range; ability to use good stage speech free of regional dialects; awareness of language in phrasing; and inflection.
    • Physical control, as evidenced by ease and freedom of movement and use of physical attributes to enhance individualized character.

    • Internal technique, as evidenced by depth of concentration during performance; honesty and belief of emotions without "forcing;" and demonstration of a sense of truth.

Once enrolled in the program, all BFA Acting majors are required to audition for all Department productions. Continuation in the program is determined by an annual jury and review process.

Note: No applications are accepted for spring enrollment. The BFA acting program can only be applied to for the Fall semester of each year.

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Appointment Dates –

Refer to Department Admission - Appointments Calendar

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