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Adult Student Checklist

Now that you’ve been accepted to Montclair, your next step is to enroll as a full-fledged Red Hawk.

Use the checklist below for guidance.

In addition to completing the steps on the Freshmen Student Checklist or Transfer Student Checklist, all accepted adult students are required to complete:

Step 1
Placement Testing

Placement tests are required for those interested in taking certain chemistry and mathematics courses. Placement tests are taken remotely at no cost to the student.

The following are required to take the Chemistry Readiness Test (CRT):

  • Students interested in taking Chemistry 120: General Chemistry I
  • Students majoring in:
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth and Environmental Science
    • Exercise Science (Clinical and Pre-Professional Studies Concentration)
    • Molecular Biology
    • Physics
    • Sustainability Science
  • Participants in the Pre-Medical Program

The following are required to take the Math Placement Test:

  • Students interested in taking Calculus I (MATH 122) or Calculus A (AMAT 120)
  • All undergraduate majors in the College of Science and Mathematics
  • Students majoring in Exercise Science (Clinical and Pre-Professional Studies Concentration)
  • Participants in the Pre-Medical Program

After claiming your NetID, you should take your placement test(s) as soon as possible in Canvas. The Chemistry Readiness Test is 35 questions long, and has a 60 minute maximum time limit. The Math Placement Test is 25 questions long, and has a 75 minute maximum time limit.

Your academic advisor will use your placement test scores, and your First Year Schedule Questionnaire (Step 7) to create your fall schedule.

Exemptions for placement tests may be considered for students with AP or transfer credit. Students that have taken Calculus in high school may also be exempt from the Math Placement Test. Questions about exemptions can be directed to your advisor or the CSAM Student Success Center. If you do not have access to these test(s) in Canvas or have questions about the Chemistry and Math Placement tests, please contact the CSAM Student Success Center at csamssc@montclair.edu.


Step 2
Foreign Language Placement

All students at Montclair State University must complete or transfer in 6 credits of world language coursework to meet graduation requirements. If you plan to continue studying a world language you have studied previously, you must complete the Foreign Language Placement Test. Learn more about the test. 

Questions about Foreign Language Placement? Contact us for assistance.

Step 3
FAFSA Financial Aid Form

If you wish to to be considered for federal and state financial aid, as well as any merit- or non-merit-based scholarships, you must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 1.

Step 4
Review your Degree Audit

As an adult student, you will be able to access your Degree Audit, or Credit Evaluation, within ten business days of the receipt of your acceptance letter.

It will tell you how your courses will transfer over to Montclair, and let you know what courses you will need to complete in order to receive your degree from Montclair.

To learn how courses are transferred to Montclair and to understand their course equivalencies, log into the NEST student services website. Enter your NetID and Password and select “Degree Audit” from the homepage.

Step 5
Meet with the Center for Academic Success and Tutoring

All adult students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Center for Academic Success and Tutoring upon their admission to the University.

During your first appointment, you will learn about course registration, specific information about your major’s requirements and gain insights to help you prepare for your academic career at Montclair.

To schedule your appointment, please call 973-655-5425 or email us at adultlearning@montclair.edu.