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EOF Student Checklist

Now that you’ve been accepted to Montclair State, your next step is to enroll as a full-fledged Red Hawk.

Use the checklist below for guidance.

In addition to completing the steps on the Freshmen Student Checklist or Transfer Student Checklist, all accepted EOF students must also:

Step 1
Submit the FAFSA Financial Aid Form

To receive final acceptance into the EOF program and to be considered for federal and state financial aid, as well as any merit- or non-merit-based scholarships, you must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 1.

Be sure to review the Financial Aid Checklist to make sure you have completed all necessary steps and to keep your financial aid applications on track.

Step 2
Placement Testing

Complete your Placement Test Reply Form within one week of submitting your new student deposit. While placement tests are administered to many incoming freshmen to establish their appropriate course level, some students are exempt.

Please review the Basic Skills Requirements and Exemption Criteria and indicate your status by completing and checking the appropriate line on the Placement Test Reply Form.

Step 3
Foreign Language Placement

Complete the Foreign Language Placement Registration Form. [AW5] Review the Foreign Language Placement Announcement to complete the form.

Step 4
Attend the mandatory Residential Summer Academy

All first-year students who are enrolling in the fall under the provisions of the EOF program are required to attend the Residential Summer Academy. This rigorous, six-week institute is designed to help you make a successful academic and social transition to University life.

Step 5
Transfer of Aid

EOF Transfer Students should have the EOF Office at your current school submit a “Transfer of Aid” form to: Dr. Daniel Jean, Executive Director of EOF and Academic Development.

For questions about this process, please contact the Admissions EOF Counselor or visit the EOF page.