Students on campus

Notes for Transfer Students

If you are a newly-accepted transfer student enrolling in the College of the Arts, Congratulations!

We are here to help, so please schedule an academic advising appointment as your next step. Meeting with an advisor will help you clarify your goals, enroll in the right courses, and make smart choices that will help you maximize your education as well as graduate on time.

How to connect with your academic advisor

Two easy steps:

  1. Log onto NEST; click Degree wWorks; and view Advisor assignment in the top left column. (Note: If your advisor is not listed, contact Kyle Courter at
  2. Once you have identified your advisor, log in to Navigate to schedule an appointment. Advising appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and it is highly recommended to pick the first available date (classes fill up quickly…). In reaching out to your advisor, we suggest you emphasize that you are “Requesting a transfer-student advising appointment.

How to prepare for your advising appointment

  1. Review the curriculum and graduation plan that corresponds with your intended major, along with additional tips on the College of the Arts Advising page.
  2. Gather and bring to the meeting your prior college transcripts and descriptions of courses you would want to have transferred.
  3. Become familiar with the Montclair courses you need and/or want to take.
  4. Know your CWID, PIN, NetID, and how to register for courses via NEST (see student guides)
  5. Music students – be sure you have completed the online music theory test.

Have Questions?

Montclair offers so many student services and there is always more to know.

Please reach out with questions to the advising team member of your academic area.