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Transfer Student Advising

Congratulations on your acceptance and decision to join our College of the Arts community. Your next step to becoming a successful student is to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Meeting with an advisor will help you clarify your goals, enroll in the right courses, and make smart choices that will help you graduate on time.

To connect with your advisor…

Before your scheduled appointment, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Review the curriculum and graduation plan that corresponds with your intended major, along with additional tips on the College of the Arts Advising page.
  2. Gather and bring to the meeting your prior college transcripts and descriptions of courses you hope will transfer.
  3. Hone in on the Montclair State courses you need to take.
  4. Know your CWID, PIN, NetID, and how to register for courses via NEST (see Course Registration Information and video tutorial for looking up classes.)
  5. Music students – be sure you have completed the online music theory test.

How to sign up:

Advising appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  It is highly recommended that you schedule your appointment for the first available date as classes tend to fill up quickly.  Contact the coordinator associated with your program of study, and include the following subject heading in your email request: “Requesting a transfer student advising appointment.”