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The Co-op Process

Important Points About Co-op

  • A maximum of 16 credits can be earned for co-op over the course of your Montclair State education.
  • You must be registered for 12 total credits if you receive financial aid; most students must therefore take academic courses along with co-op.
  • The co-op course is a course that is charged the regular tuition rate

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A step-by-step guide for students interested in an internship or co-op experience:

Step 1
Determine Your Eligibility
  • Continuing students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and at least 30 credits earned.
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0 for English Majors, and Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Majors.
  • Transfer students must have earned 9 credits from Montclair State in order to enroll in co-op.
    • Transfer students who have earned an AA, AS, or BA can enroll in co-op immediately.
Step 2
Secure an Internship
  • The internship must provide a minimum of 150 hours for the semester.
  • The internship must be a new, professional skill-building experience.
    • If you are currently employed with an organization, you must provide CHSS Career Services with evidence that substantial new learning will take place during the co-op semester. This can include: a promotion, new position, or a new project that comprises at least 50% of your time.
    • Students cannot be self-employed or work for a family member.
Step 3
Meet with CHSS Career Advisor
  • Schedule a meeting with Macayla Mack via Handshake to discuss your internship, the co-op course, and credit amount.
    • The co-op course is an academic course with required assignments,
      deadlines, and projects.
  • To schedule: Log into Handshake, click “Career Center” on the top right, and click “Appointments”. Schedule accordingly
Step 4
Apply via Handshake Prior to Enrollment Deadline
  • Enrollment Deadline: The deadline to apply for co-op is 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester; please check with Career Services for the exact deadline date for your intended semester.
  • Application Steps:
    • Log into Handshake, click “Career Center” on the top right, and click “Experiences”
    • “Request an Experience” for the College of Humanities & Social Sciences for the semester in which you plan to enroll in co-op. Fill out all information about your internship site.
    • Once you submit the form, Career Services will review it & confirm with your internship site. Upon site confirmation, Career Services will issue you a permit to enroll in the co-op course.
Step 5
Once Enrolled
  • Communicate via email with your Faculty Advisor for the co-op course requirements and next steps.

Co-op Course Credits

150 hours = 3 credits
200 hours = 4 credits
250 hours = 5 credits
300 hours = 6 credits
350 hours = 7 credits
400 hours = 8 credits
450 hours = 9 credits
*Select Courses Only

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