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Find an Internship or Co-op

What is an internship or co-op?

An internship or co-op is an opportunity to gain experience in a professional environment while you are a student. It allows you to sample different environments and job functions to help you to make a more informed career choice. The experience also builds skills and makes you more competitive in the job market.

At Montclair State, you may be able to gain academic credit.

Gain Academic Credit for an Internship/Co-op

Locating an internship is very similar to finding a job. You need to locate opportunities, apply, interview and accept an offer of employment.

Learn more and read a step-by-step guide on the Co-op process

How Do I Find an Internship or Co-op Opportunity?

You can start your search by utilizing the following:

  • You can apply either through the Co-op program, or the Handshake online career planning system.
  • Your friends and family. Ask your friends and family if they know anyone working in companies where you have interests.
  • Attend a career fair. It is never too early to meet with employers, introduce yourself and learn about potential jobs. Attend a Montclair State University Career Fair and meet with 40+ employers in one room – view events.
  • Professors – if you develop a strong positive relationship with a faculty member, they may be able to support you meeting individuals within their network. Keep in mind that faculty serve many students so they need to know you well enough to give a recommendation.
  • Attend University corporate information sessions – view events.
  • Join a student organization to help you build a network of other students