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Becoming a CSAM Major

Information for Incoming Freshmen AND Current Students Thinking of Declaring a CSAM Major

Here you will find important scheduling information for first-year accepted majors and also for matriculated students thinking about declaring a CSAM major.

Please review the following information before meeting with your advisor to discuss.

If you are thinking about declaring a CSAM major:

Because of the structured nature of the curricula, it is recommended to begin taking the prerequisite/major coursework as soon as possible. This is important for staying on track for graduation. See department links below for major-specific guidelines/curriculum.

Students should plan to take the mathematics and chemistry readiness tests as soon as possible.

These results will determine which math and chemistry courses you need to take first and the next series of courses you will take to develop your plan for completing your degree.

Math Readiness Test | Chemistry Readiness Test

  • For incoming freshmen placing into Math 100 and/or Chem 106 – it would be optimal to try to take these courses over the summer, if possible.
  • For CHEM106, in addition to scoring less than 15 on the chemistry readiness test, students must also have a C- or better in MATH100.
  • For students who take Chem 106 and do not pass the course (or are just making the minimum grade of “C-“) it will be important to determine what is preventing you from doing better. Having a solid foundation in Chemistry 106 is important for doing well in additional chemistry courses, and therefore in majors requiring chemistry.

You may have heard that you should “Get Gen Ed’s out of the way” in your first and/or second year and then begin taking major classes, but this is not recommended for students considering a STEM major.

  • It’s most important to get prerequisite course work started and move into major course work as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to review the required collateral coursework for the major.
  • Not only do CSAM majors have many credits to complete for their majors, but it is also advantageous to begin taking needed courses as soon as possible to make sure the major is a good fit. It is much easier to get started in a CSAM major and move into another major if desired, than the other way around!

Please click on the links below for specific information for your intended major: