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New Parking Deck Information

Montclair State students have drive…and soon a place to park

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A view of the new parking deck under construction in early February, 2010.

You probably have observed the preliminary construction activity in Parking Lot 25 and the work on Carlisle Road.  These are the first stages of the construction of the new parking deck in lot 25, a lot that formerly accommodated 400 cars.  When the new deck is completed in 2010, it will accommodate 1,556 cars contributing significantly to the availability of parking on campus and the reduction of current traffic congestion.  

To expedite the construction of this much-needed parking deck, Montclair State’s facilities team has contracted with a company that will supply the components of the deck and construct the deck simultaneously.  These components—pre-cast concrete forms–will begin arriving on campus on Monday November 30.  The trucks bearing the forms will be escorted onto and through campus via a traffic pattern carefully designed by University facilities staff and police to minimize the unavoidable inconvenience to pedestrians and drivers on and off campus.  These deliveries will begin at 7 a.m. every business day and cease everyday at 4 p.m.   There will be no work on weekends or at night.  

The arrival and travel of the trucks through the University will slow traffic at points during each day.  We therefore urge everyone to be mindful of these deliveries and schedule extra time to get to classes and other activities on campus. The final result of the work will be the long needed easing of parking for everyone.