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Campus Construction Information (Updated: 10-7-10)

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We are providing the following information with the goal of making your travel to, from, and around campus a little easier. We’ve noted below the roads and areas that will be closed due to construction, and the best ways to get around the campus. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these campus improvement projects.

Please be advised of the following:

  • Most sidewalks on the south side of campus, around College Hall, Panzer Athletic Center, the Kasser Theater, the Red Hawk Deck, and Chapin Hall, have been paved and are available for use.
  • The area to the south of College Hall, bordered by Freeman, Chapin, and Russ Halls, will be fenced off and be unavailable for use.  Pedestrian directional signs are in place to direct you around this area while construction work continues. The fencing will remain in place until all of the remaining work is completed.
  • Conclusion of Construction in Lot 25.  Approximately 60 parking spaces have been returned to the parking inventory in this general use lot.  Permitted parkers (commuter students, full- and part-time faculty and staff members and adjuncts) may begin to use these spaces immediately.
  • Conclusion of Construction in Lot 7.  Approximately 30 parking spaces have been returned to the parking inventory in this restricted lot.  Permitted parkers (full-time faculty staff at all times; adjuncts and part-time employees after 3:30 pm) may begin to use these spaces immediately.
  • Conversion of General Lot 26 to Adjunct-Only Use. Effective Monday, October 11, Lot 26 (located south of CarParc Diem, and at the base of the recently constructed stairway connecting this region to the campus core) will become an adjunct-only lot.  Adjuncts will continue to have access to all general lots at all times, and to restricted (full-time faculty/staff) lots after 3:30 pm; however, Lot 26 will provide an additional parking option for this cohort.    

New Residential Complex at the North End of Campus

Construction is on schedule with deliveries taking place throughout the day. Construction contractors will be parked only on the project site and in Parking Lot T2.

Montclair State Carpool Directory

The University’s Carpool Directory (www.montclair.edu/carpool) is available to Montclair State faculty, staff, and students.  Login with your Montclair State University NetID to access a database where you can search for fellow University community members looking to share a ride.   You can customize your search for a specific day of the week and time of day.  You can also search by town and/or county, and extended into New York and Pennsylvania.  A video tutorial on how to use the Carpool Directory is available at www.montclair.edu/carpool/help_video.php

(Updated 10-7-10:  2:10 p.m.)