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Montclair State’s New Power Plant is Up and Running

Combined heating, cooling and power plant is online and delivering electricity, chilled water and steam to campus buildings

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A view inside Montclair State University's new combined heating, cooling and power plant that is providing energy to campus buildings.

Montclair State University’s new environmentally friendly combined heating, cooling and power (CHCP) plant is now fully operational as of September 3, 2013.

The new facility provides the 250-acre campus with cost-effective and energy-efficient delivery of steam for heat, chilled water for air conditioning, and natural gas-fired generation of electricity through a new underground energy distribution system. The system provides Montclair State with 100 percent of its steam requirements and approximately 75 percent of its electricity needs.

“Electricity is being generated, and steam and chilled water are being delivered to all of the connected buildings,” says Gregory Bressler, vice president for University Facilities at Montclair State.

The state-of-the-art CHCP facility is Montclair State’s second public-private partnership construction project – after The Heights, completed in 2011 – facilitated by the 2009 New Jersey Economic Stimulus Act.

The University’s partner in the $90 million CHCP project is Energenic LLC, a leading developer and owner of combined heat and power systems. Energenic is a long-term partnership between DCO Energy LLC and Marina Energy LLC, which is a subsidiary of South Jersey Industries.

“Montclair State continues to demonstrate initiative and innovation in utilizing public-private partnerships to finance both facility expansions and infrastructure improvements,” said University President Susan A. Cole.

Included in every edition of The Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges since its first release in 2010, Montclair State is dedicated to environmentally responsible energy services, which also includes solar energy fields at both its main campus and its New Jersey School of Conservation campus in Stokes Forest.

“I’m proud to say the new plant reflects our campus-wide commitment to environmental conservation and alternative energy,” noted Cole. “The new plant will satisfy the majority of the campus’ electricity needs via onsite energy generation that continuously produces 5.7 megawatts of power.”

“This project is a win for Montclair State, a win for its students, and a win for the environment,” said Energenic President and CEO Frank E. DiCola, “The University should be commended for their foresight in providing students and faculty with a cleaner and more efficient power source.”