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2019 Cali Grant Assigned to Dr. Fiore and Post-BA student Ken Browne

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Soldier eating rations
For a second year in a row a summer research grant made possible by the Angelo and Marie Cali Fund for Italian Studies has been assigned to a project led by Dr. Fiore (Inserra Endowed Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies) with the assistance of Kenneth Browne (post-BA student in the Italian Teaching Certificate program and the University’s Adult Learning Program). Entitled “Food, Hunger, Migration and the American Myth in Sicily at the Time of the WWII Allied Landing,” the project relies on video-interviews with senior Sicilian citizens who have direct memories of that historical moment, and investigates through them food practices, military operations, and human mobility in Sicily before and after 1943 (the year the Allied forces landed in Licata and Gela, the latter being portrayed below).
gela beach
rci landings
Funds will be used to edit the material collected so far (roughly 15 interviews) and create a pilot video. Additionally, they will support the presentation of the first paper about the project to be given on July 5, 2019 at the conference “The Taste of War: Values and Meanings of Food in WWII Italy and France” at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, U.K. The paper includes the analysis of literary works and local historical reports as well. Matching funds for the project continue to be provided by the Inserra Chair Endowment.

For more information, see Food, Hunger, Migration and the American Myth in Sicily at the Time of the WWII Allied Landing. See also Dr. Fiore’s profile page.

Photo taken in Licata in Summer 2018 features Massimo Ingiaimo, Ken Browne, Teresa Fiore, Arturo Cambiano with his niece, Carmela Zangara and Mr. Lauria, the pharmacist (from left).