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Immersive Residency: The Cavani Quartet at Cali

Leading American String Quartet Cavani Quartet was thrilled to shape the musical lives of the next generation through seminars that featured audience engagement and a “team-work” approach to rehearsal techniques.

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The Cali School completed our week long residency with the incomparable Cavani String Quartet. Each member of Cavani went out of their way to make a personal connection with each student involved. From memorizing names to setting up a quick rapid fire impromptu masterclass, Cavani gave us everything they could offer and we could not be any more grateful to them. A special shoutout goes out to Kathryn Lockwood and Tomoko Fujita for coordinating and organizing such a lovely week with Cavani, Cali Pathways Project, and Special Music School. A standing ovation from the audience of Merkin Hall was the perfect way to end the residency!

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