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Cali Pathways Program Student Selected as one of the 2024 National Pathways Festival Orchestra Fellows

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Meet Julianna Perelez Ruiz, a rising star and participant in the Cali Pathways program!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Juliana has been selected as one of the 2024 National Pathways Festival Orchestra Fellows!

Through a rigorous audition process, Juliana earned the opportunity to perform alongside the prestigious @nashvillesymphony under the direction of Giancarlo Guerrero. It’s an honor for Juliana to represent our Pathways program and the @equityarc National Collective for Musical Pathways from April 6–8.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Juliana’s musical journey began with a twist of fate. Introduced to the horn by her teacher, Joshua Pantoja, at the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory, Juliana initially considered other instruments like piano, guitar, or cuatro. However, fate intervened when she heard the captivating sound of the horn, sealing her passion for music.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Juliana finds joy in painting and working on cars, showcasing her diverse talents and interests.

Let’s give a big round of applause to Juliana for her dedication, talent, and the exciting journey ahead!

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