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Day of 100 Solos

This site-specific outdoor performance features over one hundred dance majors in five different locations throughout the Montclair State University campus.

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The concept behind the Day of 100 Solos was to create a culminating experience that demonstrated this year’s focus on the creative process. The solos were created by the dance majors and inspired by the work created by their guest choreographers from the Spring Dance 2021 Concert; Larry Keigwin, Helen Pickett, Manou Phuon, Ellenore Scott, Bradley Shelver, Jennifer Archibald, Gregory Dolbashian, Roderick George, Jessie Dimauro, Brandon Steffensen, and Kathleen Kelley.

This event provided opportunities for the dancers to investigate and embody a deeper understanding of movement, creating the first time many of them have ever engaged in a 45-minute continuous performance.

Christian Von Howard, Faculty and the curator of this event scouted and confirmed the site locations on campus and created a music playlist inspired by the music used by the guest choreographers from the Spring Dance Concert. Dancers were supplied the playlist to prepare themselves before the event–ready with the knowledge that the music would be playing randomly throughout the locations during the event. Lightweight costumes were selected by the dancers, many of them elected to wear clothing similar to the costumes selected by their choreographer, while others picked apparel conducive to spontaneous, outdoor movements.