Recital Planning

Recital Scheduling

  • Discuss possible concert dates and times with your teacher and accompanist, then see the concert manager, Martha Learner, in person in Ch129 to schedule your recital. If you are teaching or are only able to come to campus in the evenings, call her at 973-655-7263. Concerts will not be scheduled through email.
  • Except for performances in September and October, all recitals must be scheduled at least 8 weeks before the recital date.
  • After scheduling your recital, you will receive a recital form. Your recital becomes official when the concert manager receives your completed form.
  • The Cali School has a no cancellation policy for its concerts, except for emergencies.

Recital Programs

Program Template‌ (Open this file and use "save as" to rename it with your last name, first name and recital date in this format:  DoeJohn12-12-12)

Find a variety of repertoire formats to copy and paste into your the program template: Program Text Samples

  • Your completed Word doc template should be emailed to Martha Learner, and Letitia Stancu,
  • Instrumental, jazz and composition recital program templates: Send no later than 15 business days before your recital
  • Vocal programs templates: Sent no later than 10 business days before your recital. (You are responsible for making and printing your own translations and notes.)


No receptions are permitted in the Cali School building. No exceptions:  if you show up with food for a reception you will not be allowed to set up.

Students who live on campus:

Freeman Lounge Reservation and Use

Note: policy is subject to review and revision as deemed appropriate by the Community Director

Residential students may request to use Freeman Lounge for receptions. Commuter students will not be permitted to reserve this space. Requests are subject to approval by the Community Director or their designee. Residential Education and Services and Residence Hall Association programs will receive preference in the event of a scheduling conflict.

Use the lounge reservation request form on this webpage:

  • Programs in residential lounge spaces must be open to all residential students of Freeman Hall.
  • Students are responsible for set up and clean up.
  • Students and Guests must adhere to all University and Residential Education and Services policies.
  • Students are responsible for their guests and their behavior - students must provide a guest list to the Community Director 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Alcohol is prohibited at these events. If alcohol is found the police will be contacted and students will be subject to appropriate police and/or University follow up (arrest, summons, conduct process, etc.). The event will end and all guests will be required to leave immediately.
  • Students must log onto the TMA web site ( for set up if needed. Requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • If the space is not cleaned following the event, the University will assess a cleaning fee.
  • The event must end by 10 p.m. due to quiet hours and standard policies in the hall.

For further information, contact:

Jessica Spera, Freeman Russ Community Director (973-655-5188;

or if she is not available

Stacy Flowers, Assistant Director of Residence Life (973-655-4363;

Students who commute:

Student Center

Commuting students may request to have a Student Center is heavily used so space cannot be guaranteed. If you are interested in holding a reception there, contact Martha Learner (CH129) as soon as possible. She will reserve a room if one is available. As soon as a room is reserved, you should discuss arrangements directly with the Student Center administration.


For Student Recitals in Leshowitz Recital Hall, G55 or 201

Concerts are listed on the MSU websites (MSU event calendar, CART and Cali School). Students may post flyers on Cali School performance bulletin boards. 

For Faculty Concerts

Martha Learner lists recitals on the MSU websites (MSU event calendar, CART and Cali School).

Faculty are responsible for advertising their own recitals and those of guest artists they are sponsoring.

On-campus - send campus email through

Write an email to (this is a general email list for the whole campus). You may get more information about using this list by calling the tech helpline at 973-655-7191.

Off-campus media and websites

  • Montclair Times online calendar events listings:; print calendar listing, call 973-233-5024 (contact at least 3 weeks ahead to learn publication schedule and deadlines
  • Star Ledger ( online and community news listings: (for change or cancellation, contact
  •  (
  • (jersey tomato press)
  •  (Montclair Patch)
  •  (

Notes for media listings:
1. Use your university or personal email address if an email is requested.
2. Address is Montclair State University Leshowitz Recital Hall (or Chapin Hall G55 or 201 as appropriate), 1 Normal Ave. Montclair, NJ 07043
3. If a telephone number is required, use your number or the Cali School broadcast message line number (973-655-6200).
4. If a concert needs to be changed or cancelled it is extremely important to notify all PR outlets immediately.

Contact Martha Learner for more information (


Recital Policies Summary

Time and Length of Recitals

Recitals will start no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled time (ex., no later than 2:05 for a 2 pm performance). House will open half an hour prior to your recital (7:30 for an 8 pm start).

The length of a recital shall be no longer than 90 minutes including one 10 minute intermission and any encores.

Scheduling and Confirming your Recital

Except for performances in September and October, all recitals must be scheduled at least 8 weeks before the recital date.

A signed recital form is required. Your recital becomes official when the Concert Manager receives your completed form.

The Cali School discourages cancellations:

  • Cancellations are only allowed in case of an emergency and require approval from your teacher, area coordinator and the School director. Cancellation forms are available from the concert manager.
  • Your recital is considered scheduled at the time it is placed on the calendar and you receive a recital form. If you do not complete the form in a timely way the campus facilities may not be available for use.
  • Being unprepared to give a recital or performing another concert are not an acceptable excuses for cancellation.

Scheduling a Rehearsal

Dress rehearsals may be scheduled during the school week between 9am to 9pm Mon-Fri, if staffing is available. Schedule your dress rehearsal at the same time you schedule your recital. No unscheduled rehearsals will be permitted in the hall. After you return your recital form you may schedule your dress rehearsal. One, 2-hour dress rehearsal is available per faculty or student recital.

Rehearsal times are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Starting an hour before all recitals and events, you may have a 30 minute soundcheck before the house opens, ie. 7 to 7:30 pm for an 8 pm performance.

Responsibilities for Performing in Instrumental Room (201) or Choral Room (G55)

The teacher of a student giving a performance or recording in 201 or G55 is responsible for making arrangements for the key (contact JaNeen Vinson, x7212, in the main office several days before the recital); supervising setup; and returning room to original setup as shown on setup chart on the wall by the door in each space. Students should be recruited to help with setup and strike of the rooms.


The Cali School makes an audio recording of every event recital for archival purposes.  There are times when recordings have failed in Leshowitz Recital hall due to technical problems or error.  In that case, we offer students the opportunity to record in a separate session during business hours.

We do not guarantee that recitals will be recorded in G55 or 201. It may be best for you to make your own arrangements for recordings when you are performing in those rooms.

Publicizing your concert

After it is confirmed, your recital will be posted on the Cali School and University web calendars unless you ask the concert manager not to list it.

Posters/flyers may be placed on general bulletin boards only. They are not permitted on walls or music stands in stairwells or hallways. Any items posted in off-limit areas will be removed.


No receptions are permitted in the Cali School building. No exceptions:  if you show up with food for a reception you will not be allowed to set up.

1. Students who live on campus may contact Jessica Spera ( for information about using Freeman Lounge.

2.  Students who commute may schedule receptions in the Student Center: The Student Center is heavily used so space cannot be guaranteed. If you are interested in holding a reception there, contact Martha Learner as soon as possible.

Stage Configurations and Set-Up Requirements

Meet with Production Manager or designee no later than one month prior to your recital to discuss your stage setup and any/all special needs you may have. 

Student ensemble configurations must be discussed with the Production Manager to ensure the number of performers and instruments can be comfortably and safely accommodated on the stage and also conform to fire code regulations. Any performance including more than 5 musicians must be approved by the Production Manager.

Stage entry and hall use: Performers may enter from the stage left door only, and are restricted to performing from the stage only.  If there are space concerns, singers only may be placed in the balcony (this will eliminate 10 audience chairs). Other instruments are not allowed to be played in the balcony.

Stage set-up: Depending on your set-list, you may be required to pre-set for a piece at either the beginning of the show or intermission (this may require that extra chairs, large instruments, additional equipment, etc., be on stage when they are not in use). You and/or other performers at your recital may need to help with stage changes.

Media collaborations: Due to setup/time restraints, only one piece with other media (ex. dance, film, etc.) is permitted per recital.

Piano placement: The piano may be moved on or off stage at either the beginning of the performance or intermission and must remain there for the entire half.  It would be best if, the piano could remain stationary for an entire half.

Instrument cases will be stored in G2 if there is no class scheduled; if cases are backstage they must be removed immediately after the performance. 

Percussion equipment: If your recital requires percussion and you are using MSU equipment, there must be an MSU percussionist to supervise the move and play the instruments. If you have a non-MSU percussionist, they are responsible for bringing their own equipment.

Use of harpsichords, synthesizers, or other specialty instruments will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Partch instruments will not be used in the Leshowitz Recital Hall without explicit written consent from Charles Corey.  Moving of Partch instruments will be the performer’s responsibility in consultation with Prof. Corey.

Audio Visual Equipment, Recording and Lighting

Sound: Discuss the use of any sound equipment (microphones, amplification, etc.) with the Production Manager or designee at least one month before your recital. Availability is not guaranteed. There are a limited number of microphones available, and they should only be used for vocalists when absolutely necessary.  No instruments should be miced beyond standard amplification.  Exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Projection: Use of projection must be discussed with the Production Manager or designee

Rehearsal lighting: There is a standard lighting wash for rehearsals. Students and faculty are asked not to change those settings.

Recital lighting: There is a standard lighting setup in the hall. There will be no special lighting for any recitals.