Financial Aid and Scholarships

John J. Cali School of Music

Students applying for admission to the John J. Cali School of Music may be considered for scholarships and other means of support by completing and submitting the FAFSA to the University Office of Financial Aid.  The Financial Aid Office also provides a list of external scholarship/grant search engines.

Useful Links: Undergraduate Financial Aid  l  FAFSA  l  Graduate Financial Aid  l  Outside Scholarships and Scholarship Search Engines

School Scholarships

In addition to financial aid provided by the University, the John J. Cali School of Music offers a range of scholarships for which students are considered when auditioning for admission.  (There is no formal application to submit beyond participating in the audition.)  

Below is a sampling of available school scholarships:

  • A.L. Hansen-Griffith Piano Award
  • Anthony & Marie Arena Fabiano '46 Scholarship
  • Averil Briggs Scholarship
  • Benjamin F. Wilkes Scholarship
  • Bergen Music Scholarship
  • Bluestein Music Scholarship
  • Briggs Scholarship
  • David Ott Scholarhip
  • Dorothy Priesing Scholarship
  • Frank Music Scholarship
  • Hanson-Griffith Piano Scholarship
  • Howe Organ Scholarship Fund
  • Iversen Music Scholarship
  • John J. Cali Young Artist Awward
  • John J. Cali Musicianship Award
  • Lois D. Schenck Irrevocable Trust Award
  • Lucile Oliva Music Scholarship
  • Marina Stern Piano Scholarship
  • Morse Estate Music Scholarship
  • Musical Instrument Endowment Fund
  • Oliva Music Scholarship
  • Oscar Ravina Talent Grant
  • Peins Music Scholarship
  • Presser Foundation Award
  • Ravina Talent Grant
  • Sacher Lecture Fund
  • Sallie Finnie McCann Music Scholarship
  • Shanghai Student Quartet Scholarship
  • Somville & Trilling Scholarship
  • Sonia W. Cohan Scholarship
  • Thomas & Michele Wilt Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Randazzo Music Scholarship
  • Ward Moore Memorial Music Fund
  • Wasserman Piano Scholarship
  • Wolf Piano Scholarship