Center for Cooperative Media

An Initiative of the School of Communication and Media

Strengthening the voice of New Jersey by helping news organizations work cooperatively.

About the Center

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The Center for Cooperative Media (CCM), based in Conrad J. Schmitt Hall on the Montclair State University campus, grew out of the shifting media landscape created by the state’s dissolution of the New Jersey Network in 2011.  After WNET won the state’s public TV licenses and began the development of NJTV, Montclair State University offered the network a New Jersey studio and newsroom space.  That was followed by a similar agreement with WNYC’s New Jersey Public Radio, with a goal of ultimately developing partnerships with many of the state’s major news organizations. 

The Center for Cooperative Media reflects the School of Communication and Media’s (SCM) commitment to media innovation and journalistic collaboration. The Center, through its partners, serves New Jersey's news ecosystem and is a focal point for expanding news and information in the state. 

The Center’s mission is to strengthen the voice of New Jersey and is focused on:

  • Creating a hub for New Jersey media that serves both as a centralized bricks-and-mortar center and a virtual resource center.

  • Building and maximizing strategic partnerships between the School and statewide media entities.

  • Providing SCM students, faculty and their classes with unique professional on-campus multiplatform production opportunities and internships.

  • Developing and funding various initiatives that instill media collaboration, which result in greater news coverage of the State.

  • Providing needed training and assistance that addresses the changing media landscape, particularly on the local and hyperlocal levels.

Through major investments by the University and generous gifts from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Center leverages the resources of the School of Communication and Media’s HD television broadcast studios, up to the minute radio production studios, editing suites, multi-platform newsrooms, advanced Internet and IT facilities, office space and operating and technical support services.  This modern physical working environment provides needed support to New Jersey- based media organizations throughout the state.  The results include joint ventures that ensure deeper news coverage of New Jersey and greater distribution means for New Jersey-centric news and information.  Building this focal point for New Jersey media also provides SCM students with unique on-campus work-study and internship opportunities and a curriculum that provides direct engagement with media. It is also a national anchor for forums, guest lectures and research into the future of journalism.

The first fully funded initiative of the Center is the NJ News Commons, which fosters cooperation, collaboration and needed support to New Jersey news organizations. The NJ News Commons creates statewide training opportunities, conferences and panels for New Jersey news sites; curates and showcases the best daily news content from around NJ; builds collaborative projects among various news brand so more NJ centric reporting can occur; provides general assistance to NJ news media in areas such as revenue creation, legal assistance, and research; and helps fund new sites and initiatives in underserved areas around the state. The Commons’ headquarters are based in Schmitt Hall.

The Center for Cooperative Media is funded by the following organizations:

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Knight Foundation
Montclair State University
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation