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Attend/Request a Remote Advising Session

How to Attend/Request a Virtual Advising Session for Registration and Other Matters

To facilitate advising, these are some of the steps you can take and the ways you can attend and/or request a virtual advising session:

  • Sign up for one of our Virtual Drop-in, Advising Group Sessions. During these sessions we will address any questions regarding registration, where to find Fall 2020 courses, how to read and understand your analysis of academic progress, how to complete your Fall 2020 Worksheet, etc. If you are a transfer student or change of major student who has recently been admitted to the School of Communication and Media (and do not yet have an assigned academic advisor), almost daily, one of our academic advisors will be available online to answer questions and provide guidance so that you can transition into the School and your new program as seamlessly as possible. Additional sessions are added on a regular basis so please check back if any of the current sessions are sold out.
  • Find out who your faculty advisor is by logging onto your NEST account and clicking on “Degree Works” within the Degree Audit section of your NEST homepage. Once on your Degree Audit page, at the top left hand side of the screen, you will see a section labeled “Advisors” with the name of your assigned Academic Advisor. If you do not have an assigned academic advisor in the School, email us ( Your academic advisor will reach out to you and invite you to schedule a remote advising session for fall registration. All sessions should take place between March 30th (when the fall schedule of courses goes live) and April 15th when registration for fall semester begins.
  • Access and complete the SCM-Student-Workplan-for-Fall-2020-fillable-PDF. Your advisor will ask you to complete and submit this in advance to review with you during your session. Save it with your full name as a fillable pdf document so that you can keep making edits before you finalize.
  • For any general advising questions, if you have folow up questions after your advising meeting with your faculty advisor, or to request a one-on-one virtual advising session, please email us: