Join us Thursday, September 29 at Noon for the Release of our First Study (and free #PumpkinSpice food)!

It’s great. It’s gross. Seemingly, there is no happy medium when it comes to timely, fall topic of Pumpkin Spice.

Join us for free Pumpkin Spice food and drink as we release our first official study from the Joetta Di Bella and Fred C. Sautter III Center for Strategic Communication. Since this is the Center’s first study and accompanying event, we are having fun with a timely and somewhat polarizing topic, #PumpkinSpice.

Thursday, September 22 was the first day of fall and next Saturday, Oct. 1 is National Pumpkin Spice Day. Faculty members Dr. Jin-A Choi, Dr. Yi Luo and Dr. Bond Benton are collaborating to use the Center’s social media analytics tools. They are gathering public sentiment/opinion on #PumpkinSpice, how brands are involved in creating and marketing Pumpkin Spice products, and how consumers may feel about those products.

We are inviting the SCM and MSU Community to join us to celebrate the Center’s first project. The aforementioned faculty will present their findings in the Center (Room 1011 in the School of Communication and Media building), and we’ll have numerous pumpkin spice flavored foods and pumpkin spice-themed prizes. Come out and join us for this fun, free event!

Questions? Contact Keith Green at or 973-655-3701