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Coordinator of the Fundamentals of Speech Program

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Marylou Naumoff

Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Media

Morehead Hall, 130

Dr. Marylou Naumoff is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies and the Coordinator of the Fundamentals of Speech Program. She brings a love and knowledge of public speaking to the Center. She has taught speech and rhetoric courses at the college level since 2001. While completing her doctorate she opened the Public Speaking Resource Center at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where she also served as the Assistant Basic Course Director.

Her research interests include rhetorical studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and popular culture. Dr. Naumoff’s scholarship focuses on citizenship, race, and masculinity, specifically examining popular culture as a site of national discourse where citizens look to understand and construct American identity, as well as, form a sense of community.

Speech Consultant

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Gai Grannon

Instructional Specialist, School of Communication and Media

School of Communication & Media

Gai Grannon is an Instructional Specialist in the Fundamentals of Speech program for the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University.  She teaches several sections of Fundamentals of Speech each semester and is one of the consultants for the Montclair State Speech Resource Center.  For the past 17 years, she was an Adjunct Professor at the University, teaching both regular length and accelerated versions of the Fundamentals of Speech course. She has also taught a public speaking course at Ramapo College, and several acting courses at the University of Michigan.

During the 1990s, Ms. Grannon directed many high school musicals, working with students solo and in groups on many aspects of delivery and performance.  She has privately coached several corporate executive clients.  A recent client was the keynote speaker at a national strategic summit for the Direct Marketing Association.  She currently also works as a voice over artist, and is well versed in utilizing a variety of vocal and physical delivery techniques.

Speech Consultant

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Paulette Gando Duenas

Graduate Assistant, School of Communication and Media


Hi everyone! Her name is Paulette Gando-Duenas but she usually goes by Paulette Gando. This is her first year in the Public and Organizational Relations M.A. Program and she is the first one in her family to pursue a Master’s degree in the United States. One thing about her is that she loves to help others. In reality, helping others is her goal in life. While helping others, she loves to spend time with family, friends, and enjoy the little moments in life. She loves to try different cuisines and learn about the extraordinary cultures around the globe. Overall, she loves adventures and trying new things, so much so, that she began public speaking when she was five years old. Oh, was she nervous to speak in public? She definitely was, but time and time again, public speaking filled her purpose in her life. It awakened a passion in her.

She began to compete in public speaking competitions from the age of 7 throughout high school. As her competition era ended, she knew that words were impactful, words were daring, words were meaningful and yet again, she knew that public speaking was her way to be the change she wanted to see. She is so excited to work in the Public Speaking Resource Center and hopefully, have the opportunity to help people find their passion while using their words to convey a powerful message to others.