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Undergraduate Program Admissions

Learn about the School of Communication and Media’s application requirements and processes.

Applying as a new undergraduate?

Prospective students (either freshman or transfer students not currently accepted to Montclair State) interested in majoring in one of the academic programs in the School of Communication and Media (SCM) should take these steps:

  1. Contact University Admissions

    Email the Undergraduate Admission Office for information about applications and general Montclair State University admission requirements. When you are ready: Start your application.

  2. Submit Your Application

    Submit your application for general admission to Montclair State indicating that you would like to major in one of the School’s programs (review SCM academic programs).

  3. An important update (as of Fall 2021 Semester) for those interested in our BFA program: 

    Starting in the Fall of 2022, our Filmmaking Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) will change to a BFA in Film and Television. However, we will continue to offer a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in this area. Here are the differences:

    • The BFA provides exciting opportunities to explore directing, screenwriting and cinematography with fewer major electives and fewer general education requirements than the B.A. degree, which provides greater flexibility to explore film, audio and video production spanning narrative and non-narrative forms.
    •  Starting in the Fall of 2022, all freshman interested in obtaining a BFA will fist enter the B.A. program. Unlike before, there is no portfolio requirement when initially applying as an incoming freshman, so students should simply declare on the common application that they want the B.A. in Film and TV.
    • Students who are interested in pursuing a BFA will then submit a portfolio during the second semester of their freshman year and if accepted, will begin pursuing the BFA during the first semester of their sophomore year.
    • For transfer students, only those who are enrolling after their freshman year are eligible for for the BFA program. Transfers who are enrolling as juniors or later are only eligible to complete the B.A.
Changing your major/Adding a Second Major?

For information about how to change your major to this or other programs, visit this page.


Questions about how to apply to the School of Communication & Media?

Contact Ms. Stephanie Wood
Morehead Hall, Room 103