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SCM Academic Program Guides and 4-Year Plans

Academic Program Guides and Recommended 4-Year Plans

These curriculum guides and recommended four-year plans are provided as an outline for you to follow in order to keep on track with your program and plan for degree completion within four years.These plans are a recommendation and not intended to serve as a substitute for regularly checking your Analysis of Academic Progress in Degree Works or the required advising meetings with your academic or faculty advisor.

B.A. in Communication and Media Arts – CMMA S20

B.A. in Communication Studies – COST S20

B.F.A. in Filmmaking – FILM S20

B.A. in Journalism – JOUR S20

B.A. in Public Relations – PURE S20

B.A. in Television and Digital Media – Audio/Sound Design – TDAS S20

B.A. in Television and Digital Media – Sports Media & Journalism – TDSM S20

B.A. in Television and Digital Media – Television Production Concentration – TDTP S20

Minor in Communication Studies – CSMI S20

Minor in Journalism – JURN S20