Students Holding Photojournalism Project Photos outside of School of Communication Building

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Top 10 Reasons to Join the SCM community

Of course, there are many more reasons to join our robust community of creative artists, communicators and scholars, but here is a fun Top 10 list!

  1. Dynamic, interdisciplinary majors. 
  2. A diverse group of students and faculty who will challenge you to be your best.
  3. Opportunities at WMSC Radio, The Montclarion newspaper, Hawk Communications PR and Strategic Communications Agency, WMSC radio station, the Red Hawk Sports Network, Hawk+ Digital Streaming Network, News Lab, and the Center for Cooperative Media, which serves the public by working to grow and strengthen local journalism.
  4. Student organizations such as our Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.
  5. Participation in industry conferences and competitions, such as PRSSA’s Bateman Competition.
  6. Guest speakers at The Film Institute at Montclair State.
  7. Internships at TV studios, Fortune 500 companies, advertising and PR agencies, sports teams and many more.
  8. Developing an “e-Portfolio” and resume through our Career Services team for self-assessment and job search.
  9. Participate in special programs such as our partnership with NBCUAcademy and hands-on learning experiences in news gathering and reporting over spring or summer break.
  10. Coursework and hands-on learning in facilities and classrooms that are second to none.