Studio Set at the School of Communication and Media

About Us

Overview — The Future of Media

The communication and media landscape is evolving at lightning speed. To succeed in this environment, professionals need both current knowledge and competence in up-to-the-second technology.

Montclair State University’s School of Communication and Media provides groundbreaking programs that give students the tools they need to succeed in the communication and media industries. Focused coursework, hands-on internships, and mentoring by a top-tier faculty are designed to arm students with marketable skills.

Because the boundaries between traditional and new media have blurred, the School of Communication and Media’s cross-disciplinary programs are customizable and flexible. Whether you want to make experimental films, produce television programs, shape public opinion, or report breaking news on multiple platforms, you will find courses and programs to help meet your goals.

Dynamic Programs

The mission of the School of Communication and Media is to offer dynamic programs in communication and media—including communication and media arts, communication studies, filmmaking, journalism, public relations, television production, audio/sound design, and sports media and journalism.

Communication Studies majors will be ready to launch careers in such fast-growing media sectors as entertainment, health, sports, and corporate and public communications.

Aspiring filmmakers will learn to create and produce professional quality live action and animated films.

The MA in Public and Organizational Relations prepares graduates for leadership roles in a wide range of corporate, nonprofit and academic sectors, from public relations to organizational consulting, human resource management and public administration.

Built for Success

School of Communication and Media students take advantage of world-class, on-campus facilities.

Activities center around the SCM Building, a new 105,000 square foot building, complete with state-of-the art production, teaching, and research facilities.

All academic programs also incorporate valuable networking opportunities with Montclair State alumni in the communication and media industries.

Join our community

There are so many reasons to join our robust community of creative artists, communicators and scholars.  Here are some more . . .

  1. A dynamic, interdisciplinary core curriculum to unite you with your peers.
  2. Projects that combine research, service-learning and industry experience.
  3. Work opportunities on Carpe Diem, Inside MSU, The Montclarion newspaper, and WMSC radio station.
  4. Student organizations such as LPH and PRSSA.
  5. Participation in industry conferences and competitions.
  6. The Film Institute at Montclair State speakers and an annual Colloquium Series.
  7. Internships at TV studios and Fortune 500 companies.
  8. Development of your own “e-Portfolio” for self-assessment and job search.