Closeup photo of volume control sliders

Audio Production Center

As a Film or TVDM major, your classes give you access to our studios where you can make sound effects, or even cut your own album.  Our new digital multi-track recording studio is more than up to the task. And if you don’t get it right live … fix it in post, using Pro-Tools software.

The Foley stage is where you create and record sound effects for film and television. Need to hear footsteps approaching at night? A creature splashing through a bog? How about your own personal light saber sound effect? This is where it happens.

And when you’re ready to step behind the microphone to deejay a music show, host a newscast, or do play-by-play of a sporting event for Red Hawk Nation, the award-winning university radio station WMSC-FM has a time slot for you. And be sure to tell your family and friends to catch your show live – either on the radio at 90.3 FM or streaming on iHeartRadio.