Taking Classes



I expect to be accepted into the School of Communication and Media by the end of this semester. Can I save a seat in major courses I need that are for majors only?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this. Most courses in the School are restricted to majors only. Courses open to all MSU students include: CMDA110, JOUR210, FILM230, FILM250, and TVDM201. Once you are accepted into the major, you will be invited to attend an advising session and we will assist you in selecting and registering for courses in your new major.

How do I make sure that courses from my previous school are evaluated for transfer credit?

Once you are accepted into the major, you will be invited to attend an advising session. We will ask you to bring information (course descriptions and syllabi where possible) about prior communication/media-related courses you have already completed for review so that we can establish if we have equivalent courses in our School. For all other courses, you will have to contact the corresponding departments that offer the equivalent courses at Montclair State.

I took a 200-level course at my community college that seems like one of the 300-level courses I am required to take as part of my major in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair. Can it be substituted for the Montclair course?

Community college courses may not be substituted for upper, or 300-400-, level courses at Montclair State. They may qualify as free electives for your particular academic program.

Can I double major or also add a minor in the School of Communication and Media?

Students majoring in any one of the academic programs in the SCM cannot double major in the School or add a Communication Studies minor. All SCM students (except Journalism majors or Sports Media & Journalism majors) may add a Journalism minor, provided the courses they complete are not overlapping with courses for their major.

Where can I find my faculty advisor?

Faculty advisors can be found in NEST under the advisor section. If you have been recently joined the School of Communication and Media and do not have an assigned academic advisor yet, please email scmadvising@montclair.edu. We will be assigning a faculty advisor to you later in the semester.

How can I schedule an advising appointment with my faculty advisor?

Appointments can be scheduled via Navigate or requested through email.

What is an authorization/registration PIN and do I need one to register for courses?

If you are a transfer student, you will need to meet with your faculty advisor to obtain your PIN. PINs are provided once workplans have been approved. If you are a first-year student, you must meet with your faculty advisor to review any possible changes to your course schedule. First-year students are not permitted to have their PINs. This was put in place as a security measure to ensure students are registering for eligible program courses and staying on track for graduation.

What is a workplan?

This document is a tool we use in the School of Communication and Media to facilitate advising sessions, help you plan your courses for the next semester, and develop a clear pathway to graduation. Your faculty advisor will review your workplan and help you finalize your course choices.

How do I submit my transcripts and/or my AP scores?

If you are a first-year student, please refer to the Freshman Student Checklist. Transfers students can refer to the Transfer Student Checklist Both provide specific instructions on how to submit transcripts and/or AP scores along with some additional next steps for enrolling as a student.

How can I switch into one of the majors within the School of Communication and Media?

All students interested in one of our majors must apply even if they are currently a student at Montclair State University. Please review our Undergraduate Program Admissions site for more information.

Who can I speak to regarding the status of my application to the School of Communication and Media?

For questions and/or concerns regarding applications please email Ms. Stephanie Wood at woods@montclair.edu.