Photo of SCM News Lab with students

News Lab

The News Lab is the headquarters – and heart –  of the School’s journalism and digital media programs. This is a space that has been designed with one thing in mind – collaboration. Video, audio, on-line, print – it’s all created here 24/7  . . . and then sent out to the waiting world.

This large, totally customizable working newsroom is designed for everything from collaborative reporting to real time news shows. It’s an ideal setting for news-based programming such as staged news shows or scenes in film and television productions.

Newsroom features include:

  • Three Sony HSC-300RF cameras on pedestals with teleprompters and talent monitors
  • Sony BRZ-900 PTZ camera wall mounted
  • Four Wireless Sony lav mics
  • Four IFB channels (two wireless/two wired)
  • Two wireless RTS com belt packs
NewsRoom Floorplan
School of Communication and Media - News Lab - Students following Professor Effron
Click image for 360-degree view