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The School of Communication and Media engages students and faculty with experts from the fields of media, filmmaking, journalism, public relations, civic affairs and social networking. Programs include guest lecturers, panel discussions, town-hall meetings and interactive projects — many of which involve the campus community and the general public.

Program Descriptions:
Speakers SeriesColloquiumFilms and Filmmakers SeriesSalon SeriesSpecial Projects

The Speakers Series

Lester Holt on set for Carpe Diem

The Speakers Series is SCM’s high-profile media-speaker series. The series presents acknowledged “great thinkers”, writers, executives, social-media innovators, web producers and other key movers and shakers within the industry who share insights regarding their own media career paths, the state of the media industry generally, and opportunities for students to build professional networks. (Pictured: Andrew Heyward, digital media strategy adviser and former president of CBS News.)‌

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Colloquium Series

discussion panel

The SCM Colloquium Series (course # CMDA 490) provides a forum for students, faculty and special guests to share their work and address current issues in news, public policy, government and society.  Meetings take place monthly with each date featuring an invited speaker. (Pictured: Joe Nocera, New York Times Columnist, visits with School of Communication and Media students.)‌

See this year’s schedule of speakers

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Films and Filmmakers

Photo of cameraman standing on rocks

Films and Filmmakers of The Film Institute of Montclair State (a College of the Arts initiative) is a weekly lecture series featuring contemporary filmmakers who come to speak about their work and profession. Open to University students and the general public, audience members are invited to hear personal inside stories and ask questions of some of the most innovative filmmakers working in the industry. (Pictured: George Gittoes, Australian artist and filmmaker featured at the Montclair Film Forumspeaker.)

See current and past schedules of speakers

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Salon Series

Leitner Nocera NYC

The SCM Salon Series is a new program, sponsored by James Leitner, that invites notable guest speakers to share their expertise and thoughts with the Montclair community.  Read more about the launch of this program. (Pictured: Jessica S. Henry, professor of Justice Studies at Montclair State University, and Dawn Porter, Producer/Director of “Gideon’s Army” were the featured guests at SCM’s Salon Series.)

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Special Projects

Cuban filmakers segment production

SCM sponsors a breadth of special projects that foster collaboration among SCM students, faculty and  professionals from various media industries.

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