Academic Advising and Your Fall/Spring Schedule

Welcome first year students! We are excited to have you join the School of Communication and Media family. We have worked diligently to ease the nerves that may come with entering college and getting started. Our team of academic advisors have already created and registered you all for the fall 2020 semester and we will now continue with your registration for spring semester. Each schedule was tailored to fit the needs of your chosen major along with ensuring you are in cohorts with your fellow peers. These schedules allow you to enjoy diving into your major while simultaneously networking with peers who one day will become your colleagues. Our goal is to ensure you are on track to graduate in four years and go off into your chosen field with all the tools and skills necessary to succeed.

You will note that each of your courses on your schedule has an instructional modality. Fall instruction will employ a range of instructional delivery options available for MSU courses. The range aims to support the instructional needs of students, faculty, and programs within the challenging environment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The instructional modalities available will enable faculty and students to be flexible, prepared, and supported in various teaching and learning situations and, while developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are intended to be enduring, available post-COVID-19. Instructional modalities for each course may shift over the summer.

There are a couple of other resources we have put together to alleviate any stress you may have and reassure you that you made the right choice in choosing the School of Communication and Media. Our team of academic advisors have created the SCM Academic Advising pages with tools students need to keep track of their degree completion, plan the next 4 years, and schedule a meeting with an academic advisor.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can always email us at We strongly suggest you favorite, highlight, or save this email on your phone as it will be the go-to email over the next four years. Our team is constantly checking this email to ensure your questions and concerns are being addressed and if needed, the proper referrals are made.

Here are some tools to help you stay on track with your degree progress:

Checking Your Schedule on NestAcademic Advising – Peer MentorTechnology Resources – Peer Mentor