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Semester in L.A. Program

Launched for the Spring 2023 semester, here is an updated Q&A to help answer your questions about our new and exciting Semester in LA Residency Program! How do you apply and what’s next? Read below.

WHO: You are a SCM student who would love the experience of a residential, internship-focused semester in LA. While this program will appeal particularly to Film & Television students, it is open across all SCM majors. You will build a professional network, learn from influential industry professionals and work as a paid intern alongside other rising stars at one of the many LA media and entertainment companies.

WHAT: A semester-long experience as a full-time SCM student taking 12-15 credits (15 credits is highly encouraged to stay on track for graduation), including a 6-12 credit paid internship. (We will assist you in securing an internship if needed). Depending upon the number of internship credits you take, you will be required to take one or two online MSU courses and FMTV 364, The Los Angeles Media Industry, an in-person class that is taught by an MSU adjunct professor who lives in Los Angeles and works in the film and television industry.

WHERE: Accepted students will sign a four-month lease agreement with our housing partner Kapi Residences AVA Burbank. Students will be placed in a two-bedroom apartment for four students (two beds per bedroom). We will attempt to place all Montclair students together. However, depending on enrollment, you may also be housed with students from other universities.

WHEN: The program is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Dates for the Fall 2024 semester will be announced soon.

HOW: This is a competitive program, so students must submit an online application. The application for Spring 2024 is now closed. Fall 2024 application will be released in early 2024. The application process includes a written statement about why you would be a strong fit, what you hope to accomplish in your semester in LA (including internship opportunities), and how this will help you advance your career. Applicants must specifically discuss the internships to which they are applying. Applicants must also include information about GPA, a current CV, and a list of relevant completed coursework.   We recommend  that you meet with CART Career Services regarding your resume or finding an internship, see the information below about how to set up an appointment.

HOW TO APPLY:  The deadline for the Fall 2024 semester is T.B.A. Note: you must be signed in to your MSU email account in order to access the form.

HOW MUCH: As you will be a full-time enrolled Montclair student during your semester in LA, your semester tuition will remain the same. We do not yet have rent costs for Fall 2024, but monthly rent from this past year was approximately $1495 per month, per person (for four months). Students living on-campus at MSU in Spring 2024 who participate in the Montclair SCM LA program are excused from their Fall 2024 financial obligation with MSU’s Office of Residential Life. (Dorm move-out must be done at the conclusion of the Spring 2024 term.) Students are responsible for their own transportation costs getting to and while in Los Angeles throughout the semester, which includes transportation to internships. In LA, there are a range of options, including public transportation (largely buses), rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc.), and bringing your own car. Parking spaces are available at AVA Burbank for approximately $80 per month. Normal tuition costs apply and there will be an additional, nominal fee for the semester (approximately $500) to cover additional program costs.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please reach out to our Special Projects and Event Coordinator, Skyler Malchiodi at Malchiodis@montclair.edu


Appointments are scheduled through Handshake. You can find detailed information, including as step-by-step overview of how to schedule here: https://www.montclair.edu/career-services/current-students/career-counseling/

Process for Scheduling Appointments:

  1.  Click Career Center in the upper-right corner of your screen or below the banner image on your homepage.

  2.  Click on Appointments, located under Montclair State’s logo

  3.  Click Schedule a New Appointment

  4.  Select the category that best applies

  5.  A list of available appointment dates will appear based on the category and type selected.  From this page, you can use the Category, Type, Staff Member, and Appointment   Choose from available appointment options.

  6.  Choose the time and appointment type that works best. When you’re ready, click the green Request button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  7.  Once approved, you will receive a notification via email.  You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of your scheduled appointment time.

Office Hours

Career Services, College of the Arts is open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30 PM by appointment only.

The main Career Services Office is located in Morehead Hall, Room 221.