SCM Students in class in News Lab

Welcome Class of 2026

Greetings, and welcome to the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State.

As your School Director, I am thrilled you’re now part of a smart, engaged, creative, and diverse group of students who will become the next generation of talented storytellers, communicators, and media makers.

As you join your new academic home, you’ll be challenged by dedicated professors, use new tools and develop your own voice, and take your next step towards the professional world of communication and media. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, PR and social media expert, journalist, TV producer, sports broadcaster, or any of the other evolving areas of our School and our field, you’ll have the chance to work across traditional boundaries, show your creativity, and build a portfolio of your best work. You may report for the Montclarion or News Lab, or take to the air at WMSC. You might work at our student PR agency Hawk Communications or call games for the Red Hawk Sports Network. Perhaps you’ll submit a film to a festival or work on a research project with your professors and classmates. And for those of you who aren’t sure yet what you want to do, that’s not only fine – it’s great. Because discovering your talents, your passions, and your goals is the probably most important part of your time in our School and our University.

You are entering our School at one of the most interesting times in American history – and certainly an evolutionary moment in our fields, one that demands a new generation of ethical and creative professionals. As unsettling as that might feel, it’s also very exciting. The worlds of communication and media are changing at light speed. Professionals are using new tools with endless opportunities guided by new models and business plans. Longstanding barriers are coming down, and social media has given voice to a broad and diverse public. As you join our community, you will be part of this new generation that transforms the way to communicate, where the world is a studio and everyone has a story to tell. There has never been a more exhilarating and important time to join our collective fields. And as the world changes, you will tell that story. Through your films, shows, stories, social media accounts, campaigns, ads, and through your true understanding of how we communicate as individuals and as a society. That journey starts now. I’m so excited to meet you in our amazing facilities on our beautiful campus. Until then, stay safe, keep thriving, and see you soon.


Keith Strudler, Ph.D.
Director of the School of Communication and Media