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Director: Nick Tzanis; 973-655-3609

Associate Director: Patty Piroh; 973-655-5158

The School of Communication and Media uses media facilities, housed within the College of the Arts under the direction of the Broadcast and Digital Media Operations unit.  They include the state-of-the-art DuMont Television Center for video/media production, a Filmmaking Studio for film production, a Multiplatform News Room for journalism production, a campus radio station (WMSC-FM), as well as mediated classrooms and computer labs that support the School’s full range of instruction.  In addition, a full complement of expanded facilities is on the drawing boards to support the continuing growth of the School.                  
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DuMont Television Center

DuMont Television Center

The DuMont Television Center is a state-of-the-art, professionally-equipped, high-definition television and digital media production facility.  The Center maintains a high commitment to quality video production and to providing students, faculty and staff ready access to contemporary, sophisticated equipment that is used in the industry today, as a result of a recent multi-million dollar renovation.

The DuMont Center serves both as an instructional laboratory and service facility. It is the School’s key production area for sound design, video, television, and online content streaming. The Center consists of two fully-equipped video production studios, each with its own control room and full complement of production equipment. It also houses related spaces including non-linear editing stations, a well-equipped audio studio, and a variety of editing suites using BetaCam and digital video formats. In addition, it supports a steerable three-meter "C", "Ku", and digital satellite receiver. The Center assists with duplication of media materials and provides for professional advisement/consultation, video satellite viewing, distance learning, video teleconferencing, and international standards conversion (VHS only) of electronic media. 

Perhaps most recognized for its weekly program Carpe Diem, produced by students in the Television and Digital Media program, the DuMont Center has also received awards for its University- and community-based projects. The Center presents its own annual Broadcaster of the Year Award to industry professionals as well as a Radio Club of America Scholarship to deserving Television majors. 

To learn more about the activities and student productions in the DuMont Television Center go to: 

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Filmmaking Studio

Filmmaking Studio The School of Communication and Media’s  Filmmaking Studio provides students liberal access to industry-standard filmmaking equipment and post production facilities.  The  30x50 ft. film studio includes a grid, JL FISHER #11 Dolly with tracks for camera movement, lights of various types and flats to make sets.  Herein students have access to the tools for creating sets and shooting their films.  Other equipment including cameras (Arriflex SRII, Aaton, Canon 5D, Sony F3 and Panasonic P2), lighting (Kinoflo, Arri Kits, Desisti Kits, LitePanels, Arri HMI) and camera support is available to borrow from the equipment cage located in teh Calcia building.

A majority of student productions are shot on location and Montclair Filmmaking majors have production insurance which protects them against location-related liabilities and enables them to rent additional equipment if needed, including an editing table, silent and synch sound cameras, Arriflex Cameras, Panasonic 24P Cameras, 16mm & DVCAM, AVID, FINAL CUT HD and an Oxberry animation stand.  Students interested in video production have further access to a specialized computer lab located in College Hall.  

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Multiplatform News Room

The Multiplatform News Room is the headquarters – and “heart” –  of the School's journalism and digital media programs,  serving as a command center for production and distribution of print, on-line, video, and audio news content.  

The facility provides the technological capacity for allowing multiple, concurrent functions to take place on a 24/7 basis. For example, it is possible to produce live audio and video news reports while multi-tasking activities are being carried out in adjacent stations within the room. It is a workspace in which news is written, recorded, edited and delivered with the environment simultaneously serving as a visual backdrop or “set” for live-video-reporting, thus providing for an interesting audience experience.

The Multiplatform News Room is a base of operation for an array of special news programs which may include election coverage, campus events, and projects undertaken with professional media partners. It is situated adjacent to the WMSC-FM on-air control room in order to facilitate the station's news component. It provides optimal pre-professional experience for students who aspire to work in news production environments such as Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, and MSNBC news centers.

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Radio Station Facility

The University’s radio station WMSC-FM occupies a control room where visitors can view the station’s on-air operation through sound-proofed glass windows as well as an adjacent interview/live music studio. It is designed to accommodate a four-person interview set-up as well as recording and broadcasts of live music. The facility also includes set-aside space for the operation of on-line streaming and office space for student staff and a professional station manager. The on-Air Control Room is adjacent to the Multi-Platform Newsroom in order to facilitate the broadcast of news. 

WMSC-FM features a variety of programming including independent and underground music of various genres.  It is operated largely by University students with support from the School’s professional staff.  The station broadcasts at 90.3 MHz and utilizes the internet radio network live365.com to transmit its programming to the public.

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